Charles O’Bannon Jr. Signs Letter Of Intent With USC

Guard Charles O’Bannon Jr., of Bishop Gorman in Las Vegas signed his letter of intent with USC. He averaged 21.4 points, 8.1 rebounds and 4.0 assists his senior year.

“Chuck is an excellent all-around basketball player who is a great fit for our system” USC coach Andy Enfield said. “We are excited to add his offensive explosiveness and his size and length at the guard position. Chuck has a great passion for the game of basketball and Trojan fans will enjoy watching him play.”

USC signed 6-7 forward Jordan Usher (Wheeler HS, Marietta, Ga.) and 6-11 forward Victor Uyaelunmo (Calvary Christian Academy, Miami, Fla.) in November.

  • Alvarado

    His old man was on the last ‘nc’ that bel-air tech won (1995) under Jim Harrick the guy that Pete Dallis took umbrage at about an expense report but hadn’t a word about all the years he watched: Woodie, Sam Gilbert and JD Morgan rig the deck annually.

    A coup for Enfield and a ‘slap upside the head’ to Steve Altford – it truly is well done Andy Enfield!

    • 88 Straight

      Not really a slap when O’Bannon was UCLA’s 2nd choice behind Kris Wilkes from Indiana. Once Wilkes committed to UCLA, O’Bannon committed to SC. Nevertheless, he appears to be a fine get for SC and may end up being as good or better than Wilkes for all we know.

      Personally, I would have preferred to have the legacy recruit.

      • Ray

        Well put 88. It is nice to get O’Bannon. I think its more important for USC to get him than UCLA. But UCLA is recruiting like crazy in basketball. In this age of “one and dones”, who knows.

        • 88 Straight

          I think SC will be better to start the season at a bare minimum. A lot more players coming back. UCLA will be very young and may or may not develop. It will be interesting to see what Alford will do with the talent. The jury is still out.

      • Pasadena Trojan

        It happens to both schools where legacies break tradition. Shabazz Muhamad is the son to Ron Holmes who played at USC, Booermister played at USC while his dad went to ucla. Then you have Kennedy Pola who has a son at ucla. Even coaches have coached at both schools, like Coach Foster Anderson. Rod Sherman started at ucla and then played at USC. So it might seem strange but it is common.

        • 88 Straight

          Yes. I was chatting with a good friend who is an SC alum as he was teasing me about O’Bannon. I said that would be about the same as having Ronnie Lott’s kid go to UCLA….,and then…never mind. And Mira’s daughter goes to SC.

          We all get going on this stuff, but given the current state of the world, where does this stuff rate?

  • Lunderful

    Welcome, Charles! Stay in school. Get your degree.

  • Really?

    Thank you for a post without any negativity. Your readers truly appreciate it.

  • Pete

    Nothing yet on the NCAA rule changes on football recruiting?

    • Pudly76

      Gerard Martinez does a good job explaining changes and their effect on USC…

      • Alvarado

        Who is ‘Gerard Martinez’ some activist for Gloria Molina over on the east side of LA? Just asking who the heck is he?

        • Pudly76

          Recruiting analyst for scout, btw, he and a number of others are predicting the DeLaSalle de to commit to USC this weekend.

          • Alvarado

            Speaks volumes of who is the both the go to program per coach and school in the Pac-12 as of 20th April 2017 – it isn’t that goof @ AZ nor ‘kool daddio’ @ bel-air tech nor the other @ OR…it’s Enfield and Troy

          • Pudly76

            Yeah, also a dt from Idaho, Togiai, 6’2″ 295, has us as top school right now. It’ll just take winning to get this party really rolling.

          • Alvarado

            Enfield has suddenly been able to convince a number of players to stay a little longer and enhance their personal cred next year for the NBA – that has never happened since the one and done has been ‘in play’.

            Yup this team next year looks solid top-to-bottom.

      • Pete

        Yea I know Purdy. Heard that a few days ago on a recruiting podcast. Was trying to get a post that has some relevance. I thought that would be more interesting then hearing about the condition of the Coliseum turf after two weeks or some depth chart.

  • gotroy22

    Welcome Charles!

  • Yale O. Leftwich

    That is pretty substantial and if everybody returns could be a season like last years ,or those Bibby years….what’s with the girls team coach problem.