About The Over/Under Victory Total

I’ve seen two oddsmakers list USC’s over/under at 9.5. Considering USC is also listed among the top five teams in odds to win the national title, shouldn’t the total be higher? Like Ohio State and Alabama’s 10.5?

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  • Sas

    USC will go undefeated. Maybe one loss.
    Fight On Sc*tt W*lf!!!

    • Pete

      Did you know PC never had back to back to back home games? Sarkisian and Kiffin once each. Didn’t work out too well for those two. Hackett did. Went 3-0 but got fired a year later. Clay Helton? Something to talk about.

      • Sas

        Did not know that. That’s a great stat that is unknown to most. PC is an Alien. Not of this world and is probably the greatest or close. 2 NC’s, Played for 3, probably would ha ‘ve at least 5 or six now. But then goes to the Pros and wins a Super Bowl and plays for another. He’s an Alien.

        • marvgoux1

          If he had kept Chow he would have 6 at SC. Replacing Chow with the Brat and the Drunk was his fatal mistake. That’s what too much success can do to you. You start thinking you can do it all by yourself.

        • Pete

          I think his the oldest HC in the NFL. Older then me and way more hair.

          • Sas

            He’s blessed. Could be a hair piece. Just kidding. Nothing wrong with losing hair. But Pete is a giant in the football world and everyone outside of Westwood knows it.

  • LamontRaymond

    It’s a great value line – take the over and clean up…. Other than the Pac-12 title game, those are 12 winnable games.

    • Alvarado

      I agree

  • Pete