USC Rowing Coach Resigns

USC announced rowing coach Zenon Babraj has resigned. He is the third coach to depart this season. Is it a coincidence he resigned after USC will not have a team compete at the NCAA championships for the first time since 2008? Or will not have a boat in any NCAA race for the first time since 1998?

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  • Really?

    Word from true “insiders” is that he was fired. Come on Wolfie, you’re better than this.

    • Globehead

      He is?

      • Really?

        No. No, he’s not.

    • UtahTrojan

      I think you mean that he should be better than this. Sadly, we know this is not true.

  • Peaceful Warrior

    I heard we also lost 3 gardeners and 4 parking attendants. Must be something to do with all the summer traffic

  • ItsAllAboutTheBall

    Is Rowing part of the Crosstown Cup?

  • Jack B

    Is Dan Hubbs on solid ground or not???

    SW, please try answering some questions we don’t all know the answers to already.

    This resignation is old news and already covered in detail on the official USC site.

    • Peaceful Warrior

      I’ve heard because of a strong recruiting class he will probably get another year. That was before the tank to Utah

      • Jack B

        Strong recruiting class? Are you speaking of guys who are going to sign? If so, maybe many will be having second thoughts now, or head straight to the majors.

        And I was in Hubbs’s corner a couple of years ago, but not any longer. This USC team is just plain horrible (if you’ve ever actually seen them choke) and seems in the midst of the worse losing streak in the program’s former-great history.

        The team was crap last year too. I think it’s pretty obvious that Hubbs will never get the USC team to the college world series. That’s like some long lost mirage.

        Gillespie had a very poor final year at USC. But in view of the three horrible baseball coaches who have tried to steer the ship since, it’s clear Gillespie was a genius compared to the other three stooges.

        Sad to see the once great USC sport become such a poorly regarded outfit, while other schools have literally built strong reputations in the last 15-20 years that have completely replaced the floundering Trojan program.

        Swann’s now got fires all over the place and after the Trakh women’s basketball fiasco, you have to wonder if he can target and successfully hire better than mediocre coaching replacements. We shall see.

        • Peaceful Warrior

          Even if you take away a few of the guys who will head straight to MLB this is a strong class. Not disagreeing though Hubbs is not even close to getting boat afloat.

          • Jack B

            Good for Hubbs and USC baseball. But I’ve seen enough. Just feel bad for USC baseball. Even with the tougher road for private schools because of ride restrictions, I never thought USC would be totally inept and a laughing stock. And it’s really been this way for many years. Times change.

      • Lunderful

        Strong recruiting class today, but let’s see what’s left over after the MLB draft.

    • Sas

      He definitely reads our stuff.

  • Roger

    Nice! 4 for 4 negative postings today Wolf. Is Lynn Swann your latest person to hate? He seems like a decent human being to me yet you treat him like crap!!

  • Globehead

    I heard he was pissed off there’s so much construction on campus during the summer.

    • Alvarado

      That is funny –

  • Alvarado

    I thought it was because the training site aka Line B 39th Street got blocked

  • Pete

    Maybe the Winklevoss twins are available.


    It’s called an “erg” and not a boat!

  • Lunderful

    USC baseball losses yet again tonight to UCSB and, again, in the 9th. So, Scott, is Hubbs on the hot seat or does he have more time on his contract?