In Other Coliseum News

The new Rams-Chargers stadium in Inglewood will not open until 2020, a year later than planned. So that means the Coliseum will have the Rams for an extra season. Does USC intend to give its fans a break on tickets with the extra year of rent from the Rams?

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  • Jack B

    Why would USC do that? It’s not the fans’s money. It belongs primarily to USC and in miniscule part to the state.

    • JayJR

      Not sure what the state gets out of it.

      • Jack B


  • Alvarado

    Yeah that was on PMS today @ 2:55 pm –

    OT I am beginning to sense no more like suspect a conspiracy theory as to why we hear nothing about Haden frm Scott which is bizarre considering all the effort he makes to slam others affiliated with the university.

    Scott did you in any way shape or form benefit from any shenanigans attached, however tangentially, to Haden’s truly conflicted stewardship, with the Mayr Foundation? Have you? Did you? It would explain considering all the others you gleefully mock not a single word about this specific and very egregious incident approaching a year.

    BTW Duck 2 Predator 3rd period <17 minutes left in Game 4 – channel 220 Direct TV!

  • Sas

    The fans who get booted from the 92,000 to 77,000 should be a hefty discount on USC Basketball season tickets. What else do they have????

    • schammer47

      Appreciate the news, Sas. The more quality Linemen, the better.

      • Sas

        Pretty slow right now but it’s still moving.

    • Rabb

      Is Chase Cota a get for the Receivers? I hope so, love his game.

      • Sas

        I think the staff will stay on him and keep him as a close option, but Jalen Hall and Amon-Ra St. Brown are first takers..

        • Rabb

          What a trio that would be. Jalen, Amon-Ra and Chase. Thanks

          • Sas

            No problem and I agree. You never know. We could see him in Cardinal and Gold.

  • UCLA Dynasty

    Shouldn’t you guys give the Rams a break in rent since you’re cutting the number of seats they can sell?

    • Pudly76

      I think we did, I heard that USC is only charging half price on their home game in London.

    • Jack B

      Why give the horrible, cellar-dwelling Rams a break on tickets they can’t sell. Typical bruin logic.

      It’s gonna be fun rubbing your faces in it in Nov. Are you little gutties ranked anywhere this year? I think you finished something like 84th last season.

      • marvgoux1

        When do you think Rosen goes down for the season?

    • gotroy22

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  • Alvarado

    Ducks win in overtime! ANA 3 NSH 2! Series tied 2 all – advantage ANA in remaining best of 3!

    Oh Scott how much do you know about Haden?

  • Sas

    Darth Vader AKA Jim Harbaugh will be at USC’s Rising Stars Camp.

  • JBKayak

    This one may deserve a snarky post but you’ve cried Wolf too many times

    • Globehead

      Well said!

  • Pasadena Trojan

    Scooter, they should give a break on the PSL, but we all know USC won’t.

  • SCneedsNC

    Any chance this delays the tower construction?

  • Rock2112

    Wolf, I don’t think you understand how the world works. If the market says I can rent out my lake cabin for $500 a month during the summer months, I don’t discount that to $200 a month just because someone agreed to rent it over the Holidays.