Morning Buzz, Cont.

As a follow-up to this morning’s post, take note that USC basketball coach Andy Enfield got a contract extension last month after taking the Trojans to the NCAA Tournament. Clay Helton won the Rose Bowl and no contract extension was announced.

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  • Evil Robot

    What, they didn’t give Helton an extension after the first year on his five year deal!? Somebody get Charlie Weiss on the phone, we need to get this sorted out.

    All of this seems to fly in the face of the million “SC is only good because of Darold” posts, but consistency never seems to be a big emphasis around here.

    • Peaceful Warrior

      I no longer feel needed

  • Ken Hart


  • ItsAllAboutTheBall

    And in more relevant news, the Rams/Chargers Stadium opening just got pushed back one year. Impact on the Coliseum Renovation is ?????

  • Jack B

    In other words, football’s the big dog at USC, always has been and always will be. Much more at stake for Swann with how he handles USC’s golden goose, especially after the big pay offs to the Kiffer and the Drunk.

  • Fred Sampson

    Clay Helton will be judged post Sam Darnold, because of the way the team performed pre, Darnold. And I don’t blame USC, and I’m sure Helton understands, especially if he has confidence in himself, and his staff