USC Morning Buzz: Changing Of Guard In Process

USC has 12 coaches in charge of 14 sports. Three have now departed since March. Baseball coach Dan Hubbs might be next with a 19-29 record after Tuesday night’s 6-5 loss to UC Santa Barbara. That means USC could replace 33 percent of its coaches this year.

Athletic director Lynn Swann might be all smiles on the outside but he’s clearly reshaping the athletic dept. Whether it is for the better remains to be seen. Women’s basketball coach Cynthia Cooper was deeply unpopular with the players. So even a sloppy coaching search and strange re-hiring of Mark Trakh should be an easy improvement. Who knows what happens with women’s tennis and rowing? And baseball’s been in purgatory since Mike Gillespie was fired.

Why does this matter to the fan who only cares about football? Well, Swann’s attitude on these sports shows he is not shy to make changes. Every remaining coach — including football — now know Swann’s not afraid to pull the trigger. USC coaches are feeling some heat right now. And Pat Haden probably looks better to some of them than he did a year ago.

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  • Alvarado

    Haden made great choices for: womens-soccer, beach volley ball-LaCrosse. He quickly sacked Krueter but that hasn’t made too big a difference as the squad is now on their 3rd replacement who is about to be sent packing. Glad Swann has a similar mind set – produce or leave. Haden blew it royally with hiring Sarkisian but not bad elsewhere.

    What is Haden doing now Scott

  • Ken Hart

    Some people live such meaningless lives and use their time and energy trying to belittle those who are living meaningful lives. I wonder why the blogger seems to live to ridicule and tear down the accomplishments of his betters. There could be the need for physiological assistance. It has to be a miserable way to live.

  • Jack B

    Swann obviously screwed up the women’s hoops rehire, naming lowly .595 (393-267) retread coach Trakh to coach women’s hoops.

    Hopefully he learned something from that long drawn out fiasco and takes a better approach in these other coaching searches.

  • Pasadena Trojan

    Scooter, Coach Helton’s job is secure. He has brought stability to the program, the players are working hard, there is a feeling that they need to accomplish and win, and they are recruiting. Coach Helton has at least three more years at USC. He understands and truly appreciates what he has. he is down to earth and a humble man.
    Scooter, just a suggestion, go talk to him. He won’t bite you. I know, it will be your first conversation with him, but you might get a different perspective of him if you do.

  • Evil Robot

    Wow, you’re on a roll. Clay Helton should be concerned about results on the field because of the women’s rowing and tennis coaches?

    SC football has had 5 head coaches in the past 10 years and they haven’t had a head coach with 10 years of tenure since the mid-70’s, but this whole rowing shake-up will let Helton know that even the head coach gig isn’t a lifetime appointment. I thought he might have gotten that lesson when he got passed over in 2013.

    • Peaceful Warrior

      Swann has committed to doing a nation wide sweep for the best rowing coach available.

      • Michael Guarino

        Cute —-but you forgot to add that he or she will also have the “best staff in the country.”

  • Ryan D

    Guess he’s draining the swamp

  • Michael Guarino

    Scott we love you but believe me when I say that Pat Haden is NOT
    “looking better than he did a year ago.”

  • Tony Greco

    Well.why not? With the resources and name behind their efforts…they should field winners! If this is what Swan thinks, I agree with him.

  • Rabb

    How much do Swann pay out for a rowing, Baseball or Tennis coach? I’m sure we’ll be talking about that if he doesn’t find a coach the fans like. I love the fact that he get coaches who cares about the kids first, i.e. Clay Helton and Mark Trakh who the players chose to be their coach.