USC Statement On Coliseum Naming Rights

Here’s what USC said this afternoon: “As part of its agreement to operate the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and to support the renovation, restoration and operation of the Coliseum, USC has been pursuing a naming rights arrangement with various entities.  At this time, no naming rights deal has been finalized.”

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  • Alvarado

    Scottie waddie doo doo did this latest announcement come from Haden?

    Why do you never say a thing about Haden Scott? Why have you never approached anyone about what penalty, if any, was handed down to Haden? Whys the ‘omerta’ since last June on this scandal which would have vanished if Haden had publicly made full restitution – why is that? Why has USC made no public announcement per the inordinate % of monies received from the Mayr Foundation?

  • Ted

    According to sources, Chico’s Bail Bond are in the lead to negotiate the naming rights.


    • Pasadena Trojan

      LMAO, ugly can’t even attract any sponsers, even Chico’s Bail Bond. Chico just works at the ruin games with all the Thugging that goes on at the Rosebowl.

  • JayJR

    USC over the next 5 years or so will be putting $340 million into the Coliseum; $70 million in repairs and $270 million for the renovation. As such it would make more sense to call it –

    “United Alines Field at the USC Memorial Coliseum” or

    “University of Southern California-United Airlines Memorial Coliseum”

    “”USC United Airlines Memorial Coliseum”

  • ItsAllAboutTheBall

    Does doing a deal that has anything with “United” or “American” in the name make it a bigger terrorist target?