Question Of The Day

Has anyone asked Rams fans what they think about getting their seats relocated at the Coliseum?

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  • Jack B

    Who cares about the Rams’s fans? I didn’t go to the Univ of Rams.

    This 99 year Coliseum lease is turning in to s giant bonanza for USC.

    Suddenly, the Coliseum is a cash cow, as will be the old Sport Arena site. Strange how things turned out. The whole Figueroa corridor is brimming with progress and downtown L.A. is officially the place to be.

    • Sas

      Thank you. This is a Trojan blog not a Lams!

  • 04Trojan

    All right. This coliseum fixation is getting borderline psychotic.

  • ItsAllAboutTheBall

    Are there any left to ask? Perhaps the question should be “How do you feel about getting your seat relocated for the Seahawk game on October 8th?

  • Sas

    Rams left years ago. Forget them!

  • Sas

    One of the greats is gone.


    • Alvarado

      “You Know My Name” – best Bond song ever!

      • Sas

        I too like that one!

      • Sas

        I also like the new Bond movies a lot. They’re really good.

        • Alvarado

          Craig is such an xlnt actor – Hiddleston wouldn’t be a bad choice either nor would Fassbender then again anything Michael Fassbender does is dynamite – Oscar Issac too

          • Sas

            Fassbender would be great. Idris Elba has been rumored as the new Bond. He would the first black Bond. I personally prefer Craig.

  • Trojan5

    I doubt that any RAM fan is going to get too worked up about a seat change at a temporary facility. And if they do, history shows their will be plenty of others willing to take those seats if they become available.

    • Pudly76

      Did they complain when they moved the seats from LA to ANAHEIM and then to St. Louis? Hell no!!! Wtfdic!

    • gotroy22

      They always arrive late and leave early so how much sitting do they actually do? Way to go Rams Fans!

  • Eastern Ave.

    If the Rams wanted the stadium done they would hire multiple crews and pay the overtime. Where there’s a will…

  • Old Trojans never die

    At this rate the Vegas stadium will be up and running before the L.A. stadium. Why don’t they put the time lost during rain, which stopped construction, in after the regular shift. I am sure workers could be found assuming they would welcome work after being idled by rain.

  • Arthur Jury

    Who gives a For Using Carnal Knowledge about Rams fans here.