Top Teams Per Las Vegas

Here are the top six teams currently for 2017 according to CG Technology:

  1. Alabama (10.5 wins); 2. Ohio State (10); 3. Florida State (9.5); 4. Oklahoma (9.5); Penn State (9.5); USC (9.5); Washington (9.5); Wisconsin (9.5).
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  • Alvarado

    AL has a fairly winnable schedule once they play FL St. on 2nd Sept. in Atlanta. They have LSU @ AL 4th Nov.and they don’t face MS this year nor FL.

    OH St. -sam as AL – they face OK @ OH St. 9th Sept. and both PA St. and MI St. @ OH St w. MI @ MI 25th Nov.

    OK actually has the smoothest glide once they play OH St. – no one in that conference save @ OK St. 4th Nov.

    PA St. three tough ones in a row home against MI and then road OH St. and MI St. 21st Oct – 4th Nov.

    FL St. – after AL 2nd Sept in Atlanta, next tough one home against Miami 16th Sept. and then lone road bump @ Clemson 11th Nov.

    Of all I’d say FL St. and PA St. have the toughest rows to hoe.

    USC is looking pretty good after 21st Oct against and @ Notre Dame until 18th when they face the Bruins.

    This looks like a very good year for potentially a lot of unbeatens heading into mid-November.

    • Michael Guarino

      Alv, apparently Vegas sees both USC and Washington tripping on the way to the conference championship—-where they’ll play to a 48 hour tie game (leaving them both with nine and a HALF victories and a share of the PAC 12 championship)….

      • Alvarado

        The house is playing the odds and esp. banking on the emotional bets wagered as they do every week but especially as the season moves towards the conference CG’s.

    • Hector of Troy

      Alabama schedules smart. They play their hard OOC first game out giving them plenty of time to recover if needed. After that the OOC game are a joke. Alabama Birmingham, Troy, Tennessee Chattanooga, whatever FCS walkover is willing to come to Tuscaloosa and get steam rolled.

      • Alvarado

        Hector AL’s patsy this year is ‘Mercer’ 18th Nov. before they face off against Auburn @ Auburn. They play both Fresno St. and CO St. home back-to-back right after they face off against FL St..

        Not so sure they’re in this year and I don’t see that game against Mercer as anything but a downside that late in the year (18th Nov.) note same date FL St. is facing off against DE St., Clemson has the Citadel OK – KS ‘but’ in the same day Big 10 – OH ST faces IL, MI – WI and PA St. up against WI while we’re facing off against our 2nd rival bel-air tech. That is why I sense this might not be a great year for the SEC or the ‘confederacy’; in general.

    • marvgoux1

      f uucla will be a laugher.

    • Michael Guarino

      Bleacher Report does NOT list USC among the top TWENTY-FIVE offenses for 2017, Alv. I shudder to think how many ways Scott can run with this!

      • Sas

        They believe USC starting Michael Pittman and Tyler Vaughn is taking a step back from Juju Smith and Radius Rogers but they have another thing coming. We will be starting two 5-star WR’s plus Deontay Burnett who just blazed Penn State for 3 TD’s. Not to mention the future All American Daniel Imatorbhebhe and our stable of running backs. We’re gonna be dangerous.

        • Michael Guarino

          Yeah, I think you’re exactly right, Sam. The same Bleacher Report writer has been saying GREAT things about Darnold and our running backs—-so the perceived problem must be the immaturity of our receivers. Like you, I think we’ll get by just fine with Greene, Vaughns, Imatorbhebhe, and Burnett. (And the only real stud we need on the o-line is the guy who protects Sam’s blind side).

          • Sas

            I just read today what fighton247 believes about out O-line. They think that Chuma Edoga will live up to his 5-star billing and play strong this year alongside Talamaivao, Falah, Lobenhahn, etc. I admit that the OT’s are my big concern but those around the team seem to have a lot of confidence in our guys. And when you have Sam Darnold he makes everyone better from what we seen last year.

          • Michael Guarino

            If Chuma stays healthy, plays like we all know he’s capable of playing, and shows some upper class leadership, I think we’ll be better off than last year —-and that probably translates into a playoff spot!

          • Sas

            Me too Mike. I can’t wait until we start playing some ball!

      • Alvarado

        Mike all we need is a decent running back and ‘boom!’

        • Michael Guarino

          Don’t be surprised if the guy we’re looking for turns out to be Cedric Ware, Alv.

          • Alvarado

            We’re the sole threat west of the Mississippi to the SEC/ACC dominance. OH St. didn’t look that good and proved so in that playoff clobbering Clemson inflicted on them last January – 31 – 0 shut out. In fact they nearly lost to Mi until Harbaugh personally temper tantrumed himself into a TD killing 2 consecutive penalities.

            If the hurdle is real it shall be from the confederacy – ACC/SEC

          • Michael Guarino

            Agree with every word, Alv —–except the Harbaugh part. Michigan was getting screwed all day on bad calls and, worse yet, on non calls. It must have been hell for the intense, hardworking, perfectionistic
            Harbaugh to watch……

  • Anthony_nos

    By 6 you mean 8?

  • Sas

    Oklahoma will fall on it’s face like always. No worries about the Sooners.

  • Fred Sampson

    From the way Penn State competed in the Rose Bowl, I think there going to surprise some people, because most of the team is returning

    • Michael Guarino

      That’s exactly what I’m afraid of, Fred.

  • Wayne Lusvardi

    9.5 means USC loses 2 sure games and one other game is a toss up. More probable losses are Stanford and Utah (or Texas) and a toss up on the road at Colorado or Washington State.