Ed Orgeron In The News

Ed Orgeron succeeded as USC interim coach and LSU interim coach, in part because he changed from the mini-dictator ways he exhibited at Mississippi. Earlier this week, he was criticized because LSU appeared to be using political pressure to get satellite camps in Louisiana canceled that involved Texas schools.

Now he has blocked former LSU offensive lineman Willie Allen from transferring to any SEC school . . . and TCU. Apparently, he is upset that Class of 2018 QB Justin Rogers of Louisiana has committed to TCU.

This is the kind of mindset that got Orgeron in trouble at Mississippi.

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  • UCLA Dynasty

    Cue wailing and​ gnashing of teeth from the Ogreon lovers in 3 … 2 … 1 …

    • Michael Guarino

      Damn, UCLA. I was going to wail & gnash but I missed your countdown by 2 hours…….

      • UCLA Dynasty

        Well, it’s a Friday.

  • Pasadena Trojan

    Scooter, reminder, he runs lsu the way the sec does it. Dirty and backstabbing. Oregeron is playing the same game.

  • 04Trojan

    Sounds Kiffin-esque.

  • JustOwns

    Orgeron’s bozo u contribution exceeds the combined efforts of Kiffy, Sark, Osa and St. Pat.

    • Uncle Rico

      When do you think Mora will pass Dorrell in total wins? Any more foot locker ads showing what a moron Lavar is?

      • Jack B

        The Face Cupper really outdid Radio last season. It was one of my favorite little gutty seasons of all-time.

        Face Cupper, aka The Chimp, will field a better team this season but not good enough to stave off a brutal Trojan beat down in Nov. Trojans by 20.

        • Pudly76

          Wins under 70% of his home games, TAM is chomping at the bit to get into the Rose bowl. What a loser.

          • Jack B

            Hopefully the Aggies will win another squeaker over ucla in the Rose Bowl. little gutty hearts broken on the gridiron is a tradition I never get tired of.

      • JustOwns

        Ricki, Ricki, Ricki Tootsie Roll, your tiresome act is so pitiful. Have your mommy sing “Soft Kitty” to you at beddy-bye.

      • Pete

        When I first saw that article I just about fall out of my chair. And now UCLA is stuck with Mora. Thanks to that big buyout….Fight On!

  • Ignore_the_trolls

    I see nothing wrong with protecting your own interests. Arn’t coaches supposed to do that?

  • SDSillyCyclist

    Rather than speculating, the Baton Rouge Advocate dug a little deeper into the matter and reports that the LSU staff believes that TCU had some sort of contact with Allen before he formally requested a transfer. Doing just a *little* research online isn’t that hard…

    • schammer47

      Cyclist, your research answered SW’s Blog in Coach O’s. behalf. We could use a lot more of you on this USC Trojan blog.

  • Jack B

    Ed O’s got a very bad temper. As long as he’s not smashing furniture and screaming, you’ve got to figure he’s ahead of his game.

    I have no problem with him limiting transfer options. I imagine that stuff can get pretty touchy and suspicion surely abounds.

    But his position on the in-state camps is a big-time loser spot and makes him look very weak.

    • schammer47

      Jack B, your make believe smear of LSU’s excellent Head Coach makes me wonder. Are just a Love/Hate guy with nothing in between. I’m convinced Coach Helton and Coach Orgeron are outstanding individuals who players, fans, and coaches can look up to and appreciate. And both know how to coach IN SPADES !!!

      • Jack B

        :Make believe? Love/Hate? What are you talking about?

        Ed O’s watch-out temper is well known to anyone who has the faintest familiarity with him. I know him pretty well and neither love, nor hate him. He does make pretty good gumbo, however. Loves his kids and wife dearly.

        My post never addressed his coaching ability, but one huge reason he was not hired by USC for the permanent job was because of how he handled himself behind the scenes on more than one occasion. A lot inside HH were not in his corner, Then, when he quit on his team and bolted, he didn’t do himself any favors. It was all about the kids until it was suddenly all about Ed. Those feel-good cookies for his OLs obviously only went so far.

        CH is a significantly better fit for USC than Ed O was as a HC. And that goes for both on and off the field.

  • The USC Heisman 7

    Ucla has a football team ? Lol