USC Morning Buzz: Here’s A Jolt To Start Your Friday

Warning: You might need to lower the volume to watch the early portion of this video.

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  • Ed Garrett

    ugh! this is his job, he shouldnt be so excited about it, its called work for a reason, some peeple need to get theyre heads fixed, smdh!

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      How do you decide if you’re going to shake your damn head or just shake your head?

      • Jack B

        Poor Ed does like to shake his head a lot. Must be funny watching him constantly bobbing his cranium side-to-side all day long. He’s perplexed!

        • The USC Heisman 7

          His head will be on a swivel during the USC – Ruin game .. Darnold passes for over 500 yards and 6 TDS .. USC 62-0!

          • Michael Guarino

            62 would be amazing —-but anything over 51 will do……

        • Pudly76

          Bobble-head ed.

          • Jack B

            I think that should stick. You canned him.

      • 04Trojan


  • USC85

    In a word…..Worthless!

    • Jack B

      Unless you’re a Steve DeBerg fan. Hah. Then the player says to Sark about 63 yr-old DeBerg, “He was a little before my time.” That cracked me up.

  • Fred Sampson

    Good to see a slimmer, healthier, Steve Sarkisian , but the pressure will be on come September. And I’m sure he’ll be a career position coach, when it’s all said and done, kinda like, Karl Dorrell

    • JustOwns

      I don’t think so Freddy, Sark is more akin to the bozo u legendary Head FB Coach, Paul “Steamroller” Hackett.

      Dorrell 13 – Little Petey Pom-Pom 9, at the crumbling mausoleum – the day the Toejams tripped, stumbled, and choka, choka, choka’d vs a cupcake.

  • Lunderful


  • jim

    Sark was a bust as a HC but I think that he really was a good OC. So was Kiffin. Both of those guys were trained by Norm Chow until they back-stabbed him and took his job. Once they lost Chow, they never won another NC. Getting rid of Chow really was a dumb move on the part of PC.