Utah Adds A Sport

Utah announced today it would add men’s lacrosse as an NCAA sport for the 2018-19 school year. Don’t get your hopes up that USC might follow the Utes. Adding a men’s sport would upset the delicate balance for Title IX requirements so no one really expects USC to add another men’s sport, even if it doesn’t require another field or stadium to be built.

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  • Jack B

    Inside Utah with Scott Wolf

    Like we care about lacrosse at Utah.

  • JBKayak

    Where are the comments Scottie? Time to change your game plan. There are half dozen left and USC is on the upswing

  • Ken Hart

    If USC did add a sport you would just criticize it anyway Wolf.

  • Darren M

    I would love to see USC add men’s and women’s wrestling. It’s an Olympic sport; it now has a professional outlet via UFC (which wrestlers dominate); UFC is owned by a USC alumni; and it has the potential to produce celebrities like Randy Couture, Tito Ortiz etc. and it’s not an expensive sport; mostly travel expenses.

    • Pudly76

      I love men’s and women’s wrestling, especially mud or oil!!
      Never mind.

  • FightOn!

    Corral decommits and Wolf asleep at the wheel…

    • Uncle Rico

      He needs to check his scout subscription.

    • Pudly76

      Expect he’ll post on this later, much later.

    • Jack B

      SW doesn’t know diddly about recruiting. No reason to ever come here for that.

      Can’t really blame SW here. He doesn’t have the connections, phone numbers, nor the work ethic to grind out insights covered by those dedicated to recruiting.

      • Pudly76

        Even though he boys at rivals were fooled by this. Chris guaranteed decom rumors were much ado about nothing, on their podcast earlier this week.

        • Jack B

          I’m talking about follow-up. Much of the real story remains to be told, both in terms of why this happened and going forward. But since SW doesn’t have any access, nothing to be learned here.

          • Pudly76

            I was agreeing with you, noting even with connections, people don’t really know what goes on in the mind of a teen.

            Maybe Gretzky’s paid USC off.

          • Jack B

            Objectively, it looks like a big loss. If USC is gonna live by the sword, it has to die by the sword too.

            Will be interesting to see how this affects the other USC recruits, especially those in So Cal, if at all.

          • Pudly76

            I’m hoping that it puts us in play for J T Daniel’s, 2019 qb from Mater Dei. Not sure his loss was seen coming by much of anyone, and I’m curious too, about whether or not this effects wide receiver targets like St Brown or Hall.

    • Ignore_the_trolls

      In his defense, it is still just hearsay with no justification given yet, so I would not report it yet either.

      • Pudly76

        Scout claiming they verified story with him.

    • Steve B.

      There is something wrong in the kids makeup. Transferring to LB Poly for your senior year from Oaks Christian means there was a problem brewing. It looks like another Ricky Townes deal. Await word from the WeAreSC website for further details.

      • SCgrad12

        This has Steve Clarkson written all over it. I bet he’s convinced this kid and his family that SC should guarantee him the QB job when Darnold leaves. You don’t win with guys like that.

        • Pudly76

          Truth be told, his last couple of outings had him sliding some in the qb ratings. Wonder if he wanted a guaranteed status so he didn’t have to face Fink or Sears in open competition. Even though he made cut for elite 11, he was closer to 10 than 1.

      • Pudly76

        WeAreSC just posted comment on decommit.

  • Ignore_the_trolls

    Title IX killed SC baseball.

    • gotroy22

      Video killed the radio star.

    • Pinky Milky

      And track and swimming

      • marvgoux1

        And men’s volleyball, tennis and golf. We used to dominate in all of those too.

    • Jack B

      Title IX didn’t kill other private programs like Vandy, TCU, Miami, Rice and Stanford. All have significantly better programs than woeful USC.

      USC has fallen off much steeper than these other privates because since Gillespie left, we’ve had nobody decent as a HC. It seems like USC has just thrown in the hat while the others are still competing at a much higher level.

      If USC ever decides to pay big $ for an incredible baseball coach, all will improve greatly, though the days of the ’60s and ’70s obviously are not even remotely approachable.

      USC now has one of the worst programs in the U.S. Lots of blame to go around. It didn’t have to be this way.

      • Pudly76

        I had expected, by now, that Swann would’ve had some comment on the status of the bb team. It’s worrisome to me that alls been so quiet.

        • Jack B

          I think we’re locked in with Hubbs for at least another year because his K was extended just last last year. Not much Swann can say, but with SC’s team being so bad, I think many Trojan fans just believe it’s not possible to ever be good in baseball again. And without a great coach, it’s not.

          Swann is working on replacing other positions now after doing well with women’s tennis but bombing in women’s basketball. You win some, you lose some.

          • marvgoux1

            Now we have to wait and hope we don’t lose our star players to MLB.

          • Jack B

            All teams lose their high draft picks to the minor leagues. USC is no different except that the Trojans have been horrible for 20 years.

            Just check out the record. It’s all in black and white. The college World Series is a fantasy of the long distant past for USC baseball.

            May is well face it. USC is gonna lose its best prospects, like everyone does every year too. USC’s real problem is crappy coaching. After this last horrific season, I don’t think Hubbs even has a .500 record over 5 years. And Hubbs was supposed to be a big improvement. USC baseball is a P12 joke now and a ghost on the national scene. Too bad USC let such an amazing tradition get trashed. I never thought I’d see it happen.

  • pactenman

    USC shouldn’t add men’s sports. They need to add women’s sports so they can increase scholarships to men’s track and baseball

    • Pudly76

      As I found out a couple weeks ago, bb scholarships are fixed by NCAA.

  • Pasadena Trojan

    Then let Title IX people pay for their sports. They want to be treated equally, but the want the men to pay for their bill. Let the feminist’s raise the money and put into the colleges.