USC Sunday Buzz: Who Is The Winner From Matt Corral Fallout?

You know who had a pretty good weekend? USC redshirt freshman QB Matt Fink. He no longer has a five-star ranked QB who expects to be the starter or the backup coming next year. Now USC might sign another good QB but the way the Trojans are tossing out offers, who knows how good their backup plan is? USC is now recruiting Dorian Thompson-Robinson, who is committed to UCLA. Seems late in the game for that.

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  • Chapelhilltrojan

    I find it hard to believe Helton and staff would actually be recruiting DTR. They have a pretty strong pipeline at Bishop Gorman that if they were interested in him we would have heard something sooner. This just sounds like Wolf leaving troll bait.

    • Pudly76

      Isn’t Wolf always trolling?

  • Sas

    USC will be more than ok. Again, not worried.

    • Pudly76

      More like relieved, what a roller coaster ride this was. Really hope Corral works out his issues, but who can tell.

      • Sas

        I knew after the incident with Gretzky that Corral was one that had to be watched. Also the Mike Farrell from rivals said that he was tired from being busy at the 5Star challenge but it sounded like he was seriously disappointed in Matt.

        • Pudly76

          Matt has been a little off the last couple times out. Even though he made the elite 11, he was closer to 11 than 1, and after the 5* challenge there was a lot of excuses being thrown around about his performance. Everyone has bad days and good, but maybe the pressure of having to be number 1 got to him.

          • Sas

            True. For him to be in the running for an SEC spot tells me others might have been rubbed the wrong way from him also and we dodged a bullet.

    • schammer47

      Affirmative, SAS.

    • Michael Guarino

      Yep! The Big Winner this weekend is USC, Sam. No sane coach could take a look at Corral’s behavior over the last 12 months and say, “Now, that’s exactly the kind of kid I can count on to lead our team on a day when things aren’t breaking our way!”

      • Sas

        I think that’s right Mike. We are the winners of this weekend for sure. Dodged a headache.

    • Rabb

      Is Dorian Thompson Robinson a get for USC? It would be sweet to see him at USC. Haven’t seen a player that has some of the intangibles like Rodney Pete in a long time play QB at USC.

      • Sas

        The kid from Las Vegas Bishop Goreman? They’re on him. I guess they never stopped but Helton and Tyson will go hard for him now.

        • Rabb

          Sweet!! ✌

          • Sas

            We’ll be in on a big QB soon enough.

  • Ray

    My daughter goes to Bishop Gorman, and knows Dorian. Just say that I hope SC doesn’t pursue this kid. He’s arrogant, like a Ball. That kind of arrogant.

    • JustOwns

      Ray, just asking, but does your daughter look like you.

      Besides, didn’t your daughter get in some trouble for bullying wimpy Jr. High males.

      Could be Dorian likes less aggressive female fans.

      • Ed Garrett


        making fun of high school kids is funny!

        • Pudly76

          No sh!t, what a putts.

      • Ray

        You display your sickness. You really do have a sickness.

  • Pudly76

    Never too late. DTR quote” If USC had something to say, I’d have to listen.”, according to scout. I don’t believe he’ll be our first option. But then, what do any of us really know.

  • Trojans 6942

    How’s it to late? We have 6,7 months before the last signing day. I love journalist who expound on sports.

  • Old Trojans never die

    If we have coaches, a reasonably talented quarterback will suffice. Run plays to his strengths and avoid his weakness.
    Don’t go out of your way to highlight quarterback problems and no one will care.

  • Bernie

    Greg Biggins talked to Dorian yesterday and he said he is all UCLA. Tuttle said the same about Utah.

    As for Ball being arrogant, Keyshawn Johnson said on his ESPN morning show last week that all great athletes are a little arrogant. You have to be he said to play at that level.

  • Yale O. Leftwich

    the winner SC…he seems to have problems with thinking and commitments and meaning what he says,plus getting along….too bad, he appears to have talent

  • grave soul

    Du wünschst!