Where Will Chip Kelly Go Next?

The bookmaker, Sportsline, actually provides odds:

NCAA Coach -200 (risk $200 to gain $100)
Media Analyst +185 (risk $185 to gain $100)
NFL Coach +750

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    ⚫️ Don’t care.

  • Ray

    This has NOTHING to do with USC.

  • Sas

    Who gives a ****?

    • JustOwns

      How short your feeble memory is.

      LY, with bozo u at 1-3, I recall you were strongly in favor of hiring CK, any cost, as long as it wasn’t using your $$$$$, to right bozo ship.

      • Sas

        You putz, I think Alzheimer’s may be creeping in. I’ve always hated Kelly. Get it right.

        • JustOwns

          Not then you didn’t; quit fibbing Sammy.

          Can you image Darnold in a hyper, CK offense.

          • Sas

            You idiot, I wanted John Harbaugh.

          • JustOwns

            Come on Sammy, as I recall, you would have been happy if a chimp replaced Helton, who you vehemently accused of destroying the bozo u FB program.

            Now all you do is squeal over and over, we’re 3rd place RB chumps.

          • Sas

            HELTON=2-0 against Sucla.

          • JustOwns

            Mora is 3 -2 vs the Toejams. What’s your point, other than trying to ignore your 1 – 3 bozo u hysteria?

          • Sas

            Those wins are still fresh on your mind right? LOL!

            Talk about living in the past.
            It’s over in Westwood. It’s been over.

          • JustOwns

            Not sure what phantom wins you’re referring to. Enquish Sammy enquish.

            I do know UCLA scored a TD in every game of it’s 4 – 8 season.

            Can the 3rd place RB chumps say the same thing for 2016 FB schedule?


          • j metaphor

            It’s called “deflection” SAS is a master.

          • Sas

            You can’t hide after Ucla gets booted in the tournament and show up when you want bruh.
            Keep it consistent.

  • Lunderful

    Since he hates large media markets and Rich Rodriquez of U. of AZ is on the ropes, then maybe Kelly would look at that opening. He could put that program back on map.

  • ItsAllAboutTheBall

    Chip “Show Cause” Kelly…how quickly that slap on the wrist for paying to get players has been forgotten.

  • Ignore_the_trolls

    BTW if Media Analyst is +185 that means you’d risk $100 to win $185. That sounds like a good bet to me, but it’s probably -185.