What’s Your Take On Matt Corral

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What does Matt Corral’s decommitment mean to USC?
Big loss to QB position   Program will be fine   Too soon to tell   Don’t know     

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  • Uncle Rico

    Who is this Matt Corral you speak of? He’s dead to me.

  • Alvarado

    This query should be directed to bel-air tech and one of their ‘prospects’ with an additional choice should read ‘Jim Mora holds Dan Guerrero hostage until they give him another contract extension.”

  • Alvarado

    Here’s a quote from Samuel Polinsky aka ‘Sam Adonis’ (wink wink)
    who has the Mexican fans of wrestling going nust south of the border because he flaunts his alleigance for Trump – check this quote and enjoy!

    “”I’m a a flamboyant loudmouth,” Adonis said. “I’m willing to shove my president down your throat. I’m just such an a%% that I want to be Trump. I’m the high school quarterback that picked on you.”

    All that being said, Sam Adonis stirs the ire of Mexicans while in
    the ring. As Yahoo reports, he turns “old jingoism on its head.” Standing in the ring, he sings the Star Spangled Banner (poorly) and tells the fans, “This city has the ugliest kids and the poorest men!” “

    • Pasadena Trojan

      I read this article. He is supposed to be very good at his craft. He is thinking of coming to America to wrestle. He is an American.

      • Alvarado

        Yeah – he’s a smart guy who understands the psychology of the mob regardless of said mob’s identity – entice them to hate and then shatter their dreams of vanquishing him.

        Think bel-air tech and ‘the princess’ fan base as that mob and USC as ‘Sam Adonis’….always giving them a bit of hope and then slapping them with one’s gauntlet and laughing at their whimpering.

  • ItsAllAboutTheBall

    And if Darnold declares for the 2018 Draft, Corral will be begging to come back before signing day….and likely will be told no thanks

    • Alvarado

      You don’t want to reward selfishness i.e. Rosen. Stanford Coach Shaw watched Josh Rosen and knew instantly ‘no way and no thanks’.

  • steveg

    USC does not need a qb in 2017. To get one and keep him from playing for the opposition is always a consideration though.

  • Cloud Shaman

    looks like the quintessential 80’s flick high school bully.

    • LamontRaymond

      ha! Absolutely. Thought the exact same thing.

  • Uncle Rico

    Define fan boy? Would that be somebody with a Matt Corral picture on his home page?

    • Fred Sampson

      Somebody who over looks flaws in their program, and feeds off of media hype, regardless of what their eyes tells them, good, or bad .

  • The USC Heisman 7

    I gather SW didn’t get the memo that USC told Corral to reopen his recruitment.. Darnold plans on staying.. FYI to SW.

  • Jack B

    USC is better off without Corral. Check

    • Michael Guarino

      I think I know you well enough to say that you’d be thinking the SAME thing if Corral had perpetually called UCLA his “dream school”, and then suddenly announced he’d broken off the engagement and wanted to go “anywhere else”…..all this, a few months after suddenly leaving his high school teammates high and dry.

      • Jack B

        We all know that in life, sometimes the best deals are the ones that are never made. Think of the jobs we never took, the women we never married, the cars we never bought. The examples are endless. Gratitude in avoidance.

        This USC staff pulled the back-away trigger on Corral after a lot of thought. He’s not the QB personality we’re looking for. That was one reason I was always glad USC didn’t have Rosen. I never liked how he came off and some of the public stuff he said and did. Maybe he’s different now. Whereas Darnold was golden from the start. Always said and did the right thing.

        I’ll never forget watching Darnold after he threw that deflected pick against PSU when they were having their way with us in the 2nd half. He made the tough tackle and the way he just brushed it off and popped up made me think, “This guy isn’t even fazed.” That’s the QB you want. Corral isn’t that guy. Neither is Rosen.

        • Michael Guarino

          I didn’t get what a jerk Rosen was til we beat him and he walked away from our guys at the end of the game without shaking hands.

          • gotroy22

            The Clarkson style system of quarterback celebrity tends to produce callow selfish self indugents like Rosen. That’s what makes Darnold so refreshing. He shines among these Sore Loserman types.

          • Michael Guarino

            …and don’t think his o-line and receivers don’t recognize and appreciate the difference, gt!

    • LamontRaymond

      Proud of Clay Helton for recognizing that he’s not good for the program and pulling the plug on the kid’s recruitment. We don’t need guys in this program who are “me first” in terms of mentality. it’s even more of stark contrast when you have such a team-first guy like Sam Darnold at the helm now. Arm strength alone won’t get it done.

  • Jack B

    Are we called Fan Men for posting here? Now you’ve got me worried.