Morning Buzz: Will A QB Find USC Most Attractive Desitnation?

One thing to remember regarding a top QB switching their commitment to USC in the wake of the Matt Corral situation. Is USC a better situation when it will have Jack Sears with a redshirt year under his belt?

Would you rather go to USC and compete against Sears in 2018 or commit to UCLA with Jose Rosen leaving and Devon Modster your primary competition?

Meanwhile, Oregon QB Travis Jonsen is transferring to Riverside City College, so USC could always bring him in for 2018.

33 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Will A QB Find USC Most Attractive Desitnation?

  1. i guess no one wants to be qb at usc sense they havent announced anything in 2 days and its only 7 months until high scool kids have to make a decision and usc doesnt have much history with qbs anyways, the roosters are coming home to the chickens as they say,

    • and in bel-air tech’s case “Someone left the door open and the wrong dawgs came in!”

      Uncle Sam….Rose his wife…their dawg jonnie….JD their house boy….why? Gone are the days….the entire 4th estate worshipping the peckerhead

      • Albarado just go do that oil change that your uncle told you to do… also make yourself useful and get me my carne asada burrito with nopales puto!

    • Great players WANT to compete, Ed —so USC has ALWAYS been the place to go. Even when Leinert and Palmer were starting, USC had no problem bringing in quarterbacks.

        • ???? —This isn’t “INSIDE THE NFL”, Paul.

        • Who, I ask you, could forget the incomparable Sean “Not Guilty” Salisbury.

          • His alter ego Charlie would know that. It was the Mike Rae/Pat Haden era when SC would crush their hopes every November. All the ruins had going for them was an incredibly creative spirit squad that practiced gallows humor. I had to laugh when I saw Jose boogie up the Coliseum steps.

          • I should easily be old enuff to remember that myself, gt. But, then, I did forget my own social security # last week when my insurance company asked for it……

          • Hey 22, “Donnie Piles” loony half wit personal Attorney has hired himself an Attorney.

            The Thumper’s Attorney reminds of “The Kingfish’s” mouthpiece, Algonquin J. Calhoun, but w/o the ability to read a simple sentence coherently.

          • I heard you and Kissy86er have created a defense fund for James Hodgkinson your good friend, role model and fellow moderate Democrat.

        • Funny that, at about the same time Ricky Nixon claimed he wasn’t a “crook.” LOL.

          • That was pure comedy when the Democrat actually pretended they cared about the Rule of Law. Now we know they only were posing to gain power by any means.

  2. UCLA has had some great quarterbacks and time will tell if Rosen (Jose?) is one of them. There is always the underdog factor to consider. With everyone picking USC to return to form in the next few years, some kids like playing giant killer. I doubt I will worry this week about something that may or may not happen.

  3. Jose Rosen es muy bien.. Senior Wolfe…como se dice “crappy reporter” en Espanol???

  4. Listen, while SW keeps rattling off posts on the “oh woe is me” loss of Matt Corral’s commitment, lets just settle down and realize Helton might know something he is keeping quiet about like Darnold staying for his junior year, or a silent commitment may be brewing that the Helton brothers are foaming at the mouth on. I think Helton sees JT Daniels as a possible home run coming in 2-years and he isn’t going to promise anyone special treatment (goodbye Matt Corral). I think Fink & Sears might just be holding the spare keys to the car until Daniels arrives?

  5. Speaking from living in the IE. Good qbs usually dont go to RCC. SC won’t be looking there.

  6. I don’t know if quarterbacks find SC an attractive:
    doesitnation or

    But I do know that there is nothing like SC football– nothing!

    And as for the NFL– I don’t care. That is a league of Neanderthals that does not interest me, nor any nation outside the USA.

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