USC Now Has A Residential College Named After Al Cowlings

The new USC Village project now has a residential college named after former USC defensive lineman Al Cowlings of the Wild Bunch/O.J. Simpson Bronco fame.

So how did Cowlings get a residential college instead of Sam Cunningham, Lynn Swann or Marcus Allen? A $15 million anonymous gift was made to USC to endow and name the residential college.

“This remarkably generous gift enhances USC’s world-class living and learning environment and will carry Mr. Cowlings’ name, in tribute to his tremendous passion for his alma mater and our students,” USC President Max Nikias said.

For many years, Cowlings has been a close friend of Wayne Hughes, the founder of Public Storage.

23 thoughts on “USC Now Has A Residential College Named After Al Cowlings

    • I bet they would draw the line on naming one for O. J….

      • How did he ever get away with that? Oh wait I forgot, it’s LA. So now we have the spectacle of OJ’s oversized #32 in the end zone of the Coliseum and Cowlings Residential College.

        • How did he get away with it? You’re probably not gonna believe this, gotroy….BUT…the jury NEVER heard about the disguise OR the $10,000 —the genius prosecution team thought it would “confuse” the case. And genius Judge Ito kept out O.J’s
          jailhouse confession to Rosey Grier (“I did it!”) on the ground that O.J. had “a reasonable expectation of privacy.”

          • Unbelievable. What is next, an anonymous gift of $30 million from the founder of Legalzoomdotcom to fund the OJ Simpson School of Law?

          • Let’s be fair, gt —-it would take a LOT more money than that. $500 million would probably make it worth taking the heat.

  1. ugh! this guy shouldnt have his name on a building cuz hes to old to be going to scool and living there, or they should make him let other people live theyre to.

    • Right, Ed! If the revolutionaries divided up Doctor Zhivago’s house to make room for 16 more families, same should happen to Cowlings!

  2. According to Al Cowlings got involved in the O.J. by happenstance. He was there and got roped into the drive that has made him infamous.
    Before that he was remembered as a football player. It is too bad people jump on a negative and only think of him as O.J.’s driver.

    • That’s so true. Nobody remembers all the good things Bill Cosby did in comedy in the 1960s.

      • Bill Cosby is a different animal. I get the “where there’s smoke there’s fire” mentality. But I cannot believe all of those women aren’t trying to cash in on something generated by one lawyer. When do people see Gloria for what she is?

    • Roped in? Have you seen the doc? AC idolized Juice since high school. Let him steal his girlfriend. Juice didn’t hijack his Bronco, AC was going to save his best friend. Wether that meant getting him out if the country or taking him to commit suicide he was still aiding a fugitive. He is remembered for the thing that people remember him for. If you want to carry his torch, that’s fine, but people don’t remember Charles Manson as a songwriter

      • Apples and oranges Pete I am saying what Cowlings himself said verses what a made for mass appeal. And Charles Manson was crazy Al Cowlings was stupid.
        There is a big difference.

        • Oh, if AC said that he was roped in, then by all means, lets take his word! No evidence that he was helping a fugitive or anything.
          Cowlings is stupid, but he still helped a killer. That will be the first line of his obit, first paragraph. Football will be paragraph 2. But good on USC for taking the money, they don’t have enough to build it without his name.

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