E.J. Price Visits Kentucky

Former USC offensive tackle E.J. Price is visiting Kentucky today as he searches for a new school.

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  • JustOwns

    EJ’s final words to the Toejam family & FB program: J.K.M.A.

    • Sas

      USC 36

      • JustOwns

        Alabama, a real FB team 52

        bozo u the loudmouth, penny ante, cupcakes 6 and no TD’s.


    • Pasadena Trojan

      Squatter, those are not words, they are letters. What do they mean? Silly little ruin.

    • Peaceful Warrior

      Actually he posted on social media thanking coach Helton for helping him become a better man. Granted that is no face hug but speaks volumes for the professional manner in which Helton handled this. Thanks for stopping by though.

  • RoseBowlBound

    I heard that he was transferring to the HMS Bounty U. Head coach F. Christian is recruiting him.

  • LamontRaymond

    Quite a step down for the student athlete. If he could have just gotten his stuff together last year, he’s probably be starting for the Trojans – a top 5 team. Live & Learn!

  • Sas

    It was made official last week that he’s gone.