ESPN To Carry O.J. Parole Hearing

O.J. Simpson’s parole hearing will be Thursday at 10 a.m. (PT) and ESPN intends to televise it. More than 240 media credentials have been granted according to USA Today. A dozen satellite trucks are expected between the parold board hearing in Carson City and Simpson’s location at the Lovelock Correctional Center.

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  • Trojans 6942

    U think it’s possible the board could deny parole with all this coverage. Ridiculous, this should be based on practical follow through not media fanfare and pressure. Not matter what they conclude.

  • Brutus Beefcake


    it don’t get any more better.

    • JustOwns

      Oh but it does, just ask that party animal Dr. Carmen A. Puliafito, former Dean of the bozo u School of Medicine and Hooker Hijinks. Who knew Ecstasy was a synonym for bozo u

      • Lunderful

        Just Owns….way too much free time.

  • Alvarado

    The one who is facing an eternity of true he)) is our very own 42nd POTUS Cousin Bill

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      But if Bill has accepted Jesus as his lord and savior won’t he get to go to heaven?

      • Alvarado

        That’s right boyo i.e. be thankful Christ isn’t nor doesn’t use the sense of ‘justice’ that we all do – be very thankful.

  • ItsAllAboutTheBall

    More ESPN coverage than we got on National Signing Day………

  • Jack B

    O.J., once again the ever-pervasive face of the American criminal justice and incarceration system. In many far-reaching respects, the most influential, discussed and observed athlete in the history of American culture.

    • Brutus Beefcake

      yeah some Germans still talk that way about Hitler.


  • Pasadena Trojan

    Unfortunately, people want justice for the murder of Brown and Goldberg. However, he is up for parole for stealing his own Heisman back. People have to keep focus on the crime he committed and was found guilty of, not the one where he was acquitted when he does in front of the Parole Board. It will be tough because people will ask how can they let him off when Brown and Goldberg were murdered supposedly by OJ. The Parole Board should not take that into account either. It is tough to do though.

    • fast fred

      They will cut him a deal so he can find the REAL killer!!!