Kicking Woes, Continued

USC kickers Michael Brown and Chase McGrath were each 2 for 6 on field goals today. McGrath did make a 50-yarder. No worries around USC since everyone has always said John Baxter is the best special teams coach in America.

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  • Grammymb

    They say that about John Baxter because he is the best special teams coach in America.

  • UtahTrojan

    Oh no, now Baxter will fill the bloggers wrath. I am sure he is worried.

  • Evil Robot

    Excellent hyperbolic reporting with “everyone” and “always”. I think he was actually awarded as Best NCAA Special Teams Coach a few years back, so… “most” and “recently”. Please take a second and apply “everyone has always said” to how people view your work and look in the mirror.

    He seemed to be able to get a guy ready to hit a game winner in the Rose Bowl, but failed to predict a “violation” where the “victim” went as far as to hire lawyers to put together a national press release refuting the entire incident.

    I would say you were on top of things but in your July July 31st post you even failed to properly quote her, or get that whole english thing right, with, no joke… “false accused of conduct”.

    Yes, while doing your job, you wrote…”USC kicker Matt Boermeester was “false accused of conduct” according to his girlfriend, women’s tennis player Zoe Katz.” 7/31/17

    Blame it on your phone like you did a day or so ago.

  • jim

    We’ve got the feminazi’s to thank for our kicking woes.

  • Just logical

    Coach Baxter has to work around the damage done by the Title IX department. They seem to have an affinity for the football program but maybe they can move on to dismantle another sport. It’s encouraging that Betsy DeVos wants to wade into this mess but undoing the damage being caused by a rogue department with their tentacles everywhere will take some “fire and fury.” I don’t think USC has the testosterone under the current administration to offset estrogen gone wild. And I can say this because I identify as a cisfemale!