Premier League Preview

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The Premier League starts Saturday morning. OK, it started today but that was just one game. So who do you pick to win the Premier League?

Chelsea doesn’t seem to have great depth. Liverpool and Arsenal did not do enough to improve in the transfer window (yet). Tottenham have the most stability but do they enough quality to win the league? Manchester City might have the best team overall but can Pep Guardiola handle the week-in-and-week-out grind of the Premier League? Manchester United is the pick of a lot of pundits but can Marcus Rashford and Romelu Lukaku play together?

I sense the the champion comes out of Manchester. And I think City should win. But Jose Mourinho is hard to bet against. Who do you pick?

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  • peter

    Who’s on first.What’s on second.

  • 2DubNetShredder

    Who reads Inside USC for this? Come on Wolf!

  • Jack B


  • Lunderful

    I pick you, Scott, as the premier, vacuous, schlub.

  • Weinst

    My heart is with Spurs, my brain with the Citizens

  • Christian

    Take this trash to the baby blue JV board


    Go Spurs

  • Ed Garrett

    ugh,,,what is this??? we should be talking abuot people doing stuff with foot balls not talking abuot people playing kick ball, smdh!

    • Pasadena Trojan

      Eddie, I agree

  • 04Trojan

    “Inside Soccer.”

    BruinRobb sucks.

  • marvgoux1

    There used to be a SC fan on Wild West named Chelsea who would post about this.

  • JBKayak

    I can handle a personal interest
    post about another sport here on InsideSoCal, but that was your best analysis you have ever written. Wtf, put that energy into your beat, USC!

    • LAfan

      He really hates his job and would prefer the EPL beat. Sadly the Daily News has little interest in EPL coverage.

  • Pasadena Trojan

    Scooter, if you ever had a MAN card, which I doubt, it should be revoked permanently. Soccer is not a sport. It is a waste of space and time. I don’t know who the bigger sissy’s are, the ruins or soccer players. They are both pathetic, but to run this garbage on the SC blog should be terms of firing.

  • Sas

    Change the channel.

  • jim

    Who cares!