Marvin Bagley Chooses Duke

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Forward Marvin Bagley said tonight he will attend Duke. And remember, he still has to graduate and get NCAA approval to reclassify. That is hardly a sure thing from what I’ve heard.

Now, more important, what is the status of 7-year-old Pooh Pooh Bagley? Is USC’s offer still firm? When does he announce?

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  • Arthur Jury

    Enfield cannot close !!! Bagley to Duke. Did we really think he would come here ?

    • The USC Heisman 7

      What was there to close .. No scholarship was available.. Had he not been able to reclassify.. He would have gone to USC .. Ucla wined and dined Marvin .. They were never under consideration.. It was Duke or USC ..

      • Jack B

        If there were no scholarship available, why was USC in the finals? They wouldn’t have been.

        Obviously, USC had an avenue for him and he said as much publicly in his announcement.

        • The USC Heisman 7

          USC tried, Sounds like the kid who was expected to transfer didnt..

          • Jack B

            Hey, I’m not taking away anything from USC. Great job. I love Enfield. He was a fantastic pick by Haden.

            But I’m giving all the credit to DUKE here. It took an amazing effort to beat USC here and only a program like DUKE could have done it.

            IMO, DUKE beat USC straight up, not because USC didn’t have room. If Enfield went to all this trouble for a kid he didn’t ever have space for, he needs his head examined – unless he put on this big dog and pony show for the younger brother.

            I’m sure USC has known for a long time how it stands with transfers. Face it. They had room for Bagley. He just chose DUKE.

            Maybe Enfield will write a book someday and confess that tonight was all an ESPN charade because USC couldn’t have taken Bagley even if he committed. Now that’s a book I would buy, except I don’t believe it for a second.

            USC wasn’t the chump here. They just finished 2nd to the greatest college basketball coach of all time.

          • trojanhogg

            Are you saying THAT’S the reason he went to Duke? If they needed to clear up a scholie for him, I have to imagine they would’ve found a way.

          • The USC Heisman 7

            Yep.. Keep in mind basketball recruiting is way different than football.. No blueshirts , etc..

    • JustOwns

      Sammy and many Rah – Rah’s thought so. Andyain’twinning lucked out and dodged a .50 cal Bagley bullet.

      I don’t think Bagley’s Duke decision was his choice to make, as his father figured predominantly in Bagley’s recruiting process. Bagley claimed he wanted to stay on the West Coast but selected an East Coast school – “Verrry Interrresting.”

      • The USC Heisman 7

        Its done.. Move along BO..

  • JustOwns

    Don’t you mean a 12 minute commercial break.

  • JustOwns

    Bags to Duke is win-win for bozo u, ’cause he isn’t headed to UCLA.

    • The USC Heisman 7

      Ucla is not an elite program..they were a wine and dine consideration.. Nothing to offer the kid except UA exposure.. Nike won out due pops being a Nike executive..USC would have been his choice.. The reclassify hurt USC nothing to do with the school that has not won a championship since the 90s.

      • Jack B

        Recruiting’s always about mom and dad to some degree.

        Can you imagine how many USC footballers chose the Trojans because of family stuff? It might be thousands!

        • The USC Heisman 7

          Exactly.. Lol… Im a 3rd gen USC grad!

          • Jack B

            Fight On buddy.

            I’m the first in my family, but my parents were always seemingly around the USC thing, Then I was always around the USC thing. Only school I ever really wanted to go to.

          • The USC Heisman 7

            Same here.. I started at CSUN on a baseball scholarship and found my way to USC…they didnt offer what I wanted early on but hey…I am alum from my favorite school.

          • Jack B

            What a great school. I love the campus. It’s incredible to walk around the place though I haven’t done it in several years. So much history every where you look.

            I was in school when they were building HH. We played frat ball on Bovard and Cromwell. Bovard had an almost mystical feel to it. Maybe that was more about the hangovers during morning games.

          • The USC Heisman 7

            The $700 mil expansion is downright amazing..Nothing like it .. USC did it right!

          • Jack B

            Whereas ucla literally “squeezed” in the new shoe box football building, made of glass and unlike any other important construction on campus. It sticks out like a cheap, sore thumb. The fields are still too small and there isn’t room for spectators. ucla, after waiting all this time, still got it wrong. Too bad little gutties. Rim job.

          • The USC Heisman 7

            Lol. 80 yard practice field and a fish tank for $40 million. #whogoofedigotstoknow

          • Jack B

            Fish Tank! Got it.

            I think they spent 60-70 mil didn’t they? You get what you pay for, unless you’re a little gutty. They got robbed! It DOES look like a fish tank, with a weird square hole in the middle.

          • The USC Heisman 7


          • The USC Heisman 7

            Lol.. I would do it again!

  • Peaceful Warrior

    Guy looks like a great young man. Good luck to him at Duke. Will be fine next year.

  • Jack B

    Sounds like a great kid. Super impressive.

    We’ve improved a lot but USC is not ready to beat DUKE for the nation’s #1 recruit. That much is clear. DUKE just offers too much in hoops. Kind of a no brainer really.

    Congrats to Enfield for a superior effort. USC obviously put together a great recruiting effort. Just too much to overcome.

    • Chapelhilltrojan

      Word for word I agree 100%.

    • LamontRaymond

      Still a little odd that he’d want to spend a half year in Durham, N.C. rather than in LA – a half mile down the road from 2 NBA teams. Maybe it’s all Coach K? If so, I get that.

    • Lunderful

      Does Andy rescind the offers he gave to Marvin’s younger brothers? What an embarrassing tactic for a one-and-done.

      You can’t build a program with short-timers.

      Anymore long shots out there?

  • Trojan96

    Oh well. Thank God we are a football school. Congrats to Enfield and the SC Basketball program for increasing the caliber of players and having the opportunity/ chance to possibly getting the #1 player in the country. I wish the kid the best of luck and hopefully he has a successful career. FIGHT ON!

  • Yale O. Leftwich

    one and done to Duke…education not important, just round ball/money

  • David Keeling

    USC basketball isn’t going to beat out Duke basketball for top players unless a player really loves USC. For Bagley to consider USC is a compliment to Enfield for his recruiting efforts. But I hear Bagley is a “one & done” type player and Duke can survive that kind of player better than a USC program trying to build its basketball program with consistent winning seasons needing returning players.