Former USC Defensive Tackle Noah Jefferson To Arizona Western

Former USC defensive tackle Noah Jefferson, who was supposed to go to Arizona, will instead attend Arizona Western College, which is a junior college. He will join another former USC defensive tackle, Kevin Scott, who enrolled over the summer.

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  • Sas

    Good for him. At least he’s trying for a comeback.
    Still it’s a crying shame that he wasn’t focused or mature enough to have stayed and been part of what his former teammates are preparing for now as a title contender.
    You live you learn.

    • Pudly76

      Sometimes, sometimes you just live..

      • Sas

        So true. I’ve made many mistakes and although I learned the hard way and came out more humble I only wish I hit the books more.

        • Trojan96

          Was Noah having problems in the classroom?

          • Sas

            My bad. I accidentally deleted my first reply and fell asleep. But no he was hanging around with his Las Vegas friends too often from what I heard. They would be on campus all the time. Ultimately Jefferson made the decision to want to leave picking his friends and personal life over football.