Michael Pittman Injures Ankle

Wide receiver Michael Pittman was carted off the field with a high-ankle sprain. X-rays were negative. It seems unlikely he would be able to play against Western Michigan.

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  • steveg

    Players do get hurt, USC has the players to step up to replace. Be calm Wolf, it is one of the reasons they recruit so many WR’s you are always complaining about.

    • Ben Factor

      He is such a hard worker that it feels unjust. High ankle sprains are often persistent, too.

  • JustOwns

    Sammy will be crushed. This is worse than Andyain’twinning’s/bozo u Bagley whiff.

    • Gabby

      “Rosen”-The chosen one!…….LOL!!!!

  • Old Trojans never die

    I dunno there’s time to rehab. We shall see. But if not time to rehab, time to retool.

  • Ted

    According to sources, Darnold was crying over bell pepper scrambled eggs at the Grinder’s on Figueroa that he wants Lane Kiffen back. Kiffen would have had 20 receivers on scholarship. Helton only recruits slow linemen. His southern cal issued girlfriend just kept on putting on her lipstick. Darnold is now looking over his shoulder for Fink and contemplating transfer to Pitt, as he thinks he could beat out Max Browne again.

    In other news, money from the “whales” started pouring in on Western Michigan against southern cal.

    • Gabby

      It helps if you know what you are talking about. They are called “Sharps”.

      • Ted

        Were you there too?

  • jim

    Big loss.

    • Gabby

      This Lewis kid might be a baller. Let’s hope so

      • jim

        I don’t know why but I expected more out of Pittman. I hope he doesn’t turn into another Whitney Lewis.