A Rare Good Day For Kickers

USC’s kickers went 8 for 9 on field goals today. Many of them were chip shots: Michael Brown was 5-5 with field goals from 21, 25, 30, 36 and 45 yards. Chase McGrath went 3-4. He made 26, 30 and 37 yard field goals. He missed from 46 yards.

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  • FightOn!

    And another bad day for the blogger…

    • gotroy22

      I heard you had a bad day Saturday at Wizard World in Orlando, Golly Noid. Your costume split at the seat again in the middle of the best costume contest. Too bad Helen isn’t a better seamstress,

  • Ted

    Why don’t they just bring back Boermeester? It’s not like he drugged a girl and sodomized her in two states… All he did was beat the crap out of his girlfriend and intimidated her to say nothing happened.

    • Jack B

      You obviously don’t understand the word “intimidated”. Just check with your little gutty footballers and they can school you up on what it’s like to win only four games, get slapped around by SC at the RB and stay home during bowl season. That’s called being intimidated wimp boy.

    • jim

      No evidence of that whatsoever!

    • Wayne Lusvardi

      You don’t understand what has happened to the rule of law prior in our courts and in college student disciplinary panels. Kangaroo courts were created in domestic family courts, in environmental justice law and in Title 9 sports that eradicated the “innocent until proven guilty” doctrine. So anyone can walk into a family law court and claim they were abused by a spouse, brother or other family member and get a 5 year restraining order on the other party even if no abuse occurred and sent to 52 weeks of abuse classes at their own expense. Same happens with farmers who plow some pond on their property and male athletes who purportedly abuse a girlfriend even if the girlfriend denies anything happened. The way this is done is to throw out the Evidence Code. A witness statement does not even have to be produced. In family courts there does not have to be even a police report that documents what happened and where police interview each party. Just some supposedly offended party’s statement is all that is needed. In the case of Matt Boermeister the supposedly offended party never filed a complaint but a third party bystander filed a mandatory report because of hearsay from the son of a friend of a friend that supposedly overheard something from a distance. What creates the corruption is Federal money given to each kangaroo court for each case. The more people who file mandatory reports or walk into a court and file a one-side report, the more Federal money flows to that court or college legal panel. At the U. of Texas a male student athlete who was accused of sexual misconduct committed suicide. There is a perverse incentive to not implement the Evidence Code.

      So let’s day you are being evicted for not paying rent for over a year; all you have to do is file a restraining order against your landlord to shake them down for money or to get them to halt the eviction. It will cost the landlord like $10,000 in legal expenses to get the restraining order cancelled (Lawyer’s Full Employment Act) but family courts are loathe to lift one-sided restraining orders even where there is no evidence anything happened.

    • SCgrad12

      Hey Theodore, do you have any concept of the slander? Because by you spouting off false information in a public forum, such as this, that could damage one’s good name and reputation you can, and will, be held responsible in a court of law. Maybe the “moderator” of this blog needs to take a refresher course on the libel/slander laws of the United States.

      • Ted

        Why are you slandering the title IX office at southern cal? Why are you slandering my good name by saying I am spouting off false information… Boermeester has been expelled from school and kicked off the team for pushing his girlfriend into a wall! That is any book is assault even if the victim does not press charges. Assault is a crime against civilized society. I applaud southern cal’s title IX’s office for swift actions even though dummies like you only care about what repercussions your football team might incur.

        I bet you are the kind of person who blames the anti-protester in Charlottesville, VA who got killed by the car for J-walking in the street!

        Shin-soo-Choo is waiting for his balls to be washed…

        • SCgrad12

          That’s the problem, there was no due process because Boermeester was not allowed legal council in his “hearing”. Go to UCLA Extension and sign up for a class about the Constitution. I bet you could use a little education in your pathetic life.

  • 04Trojan

    So no soccer player jokes today, Flow?

  • Independent_George

    So our kickers are now Mario Danelo: deadly accurate inside of 40 years. Outside of of 40 . . . Did you know that in two years, Danelo only attempted three field goals longer than 40 yards (he was 2 of 3), and no field goals longer than 50.

    Don’t don’t remember Scottie complaining about placekicking back then.

  • Old Trojans never die

    In the most recent “good old days” USC didn’t need a field goal to keep on the board. The coaches would most often go for it on 4th down inside of the 30 yard line and rely on the defense if the offense didn’t make it.
    Why all of this worry? I think it’s a build up to another “Caesar” post about how what I just said would happen. Time will tell

  • Globehead

    Maybe we should get one of the girls from the soccer team!

  • David Keeling

    Accuracy is 95% what it’s all about in FGs. Length has its value during the last minute of a game. So around the 35 yard line is where our kickers feel good in making a FG? Even if you ask the kicker to attempt one beyond his reach, you still want that ball going between the uprights for any chance to score.

  • TireBiter

    What’s flows definition of a chip shot? 21, 25, 30, 36, 26, 30, 37 yards? Extra point distance?

  • Pasadena Trojan

    Scooter, I don’t think you could make it from 10 yards. Don’t rag