USC Morning Buzz: Some Follow-Up With Marvin Bagley’s Decision

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Are you still disappointed over Marvin Bagley’s decision? Remember even if he committed to USC, there was no guarantee he would get approval to reclassify. So he still may never wear a Duke uniform.

In some ways, it feels familiar. USC tends to be a bridesmaid in basketball. And the time it landed a big fish, O.J. Mayo, the Trojans lost early in the NCAA Tournament and it led to probation. But if Bagley had picked USC, the Trojans would have been considered a Final Four caliber team. Instead, they will be ranked a top 10 team.

I’m not sure Andy Enfield could handle the demands of being expected to get to the Final Four. And who knows if there would be chemistry issues with all the hype and attention Bagley’s arrival would cause. Schools like Duke are used to that stuff. Kind of like USC football. At the end of the day, USC will still have a good team. And you can be glad the saga is finally over.

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  • 04Trojan

    Flow: Is it purely your hatred of Enfield that leads you to believe he couldn’t handle Final Four expectations? He hasn’t been tested in that way yet at USC. So how are you so sure?

    • JustOwns

      Hey 04, what are your Andyain’twinning expectations for the 2017 -18 basketball season based on the bozo u non-conf. cupcake schedule – 2 away games, 8 home games and a spot in the 5th tier Diamond Head tournament?

      • Pasadena Trojan

        Squatter, I just worry about your cheetin’ ruins

  • Jethro G Sabbath

    Wolf, Thank you but I’ll decide what I’m going to be glad about.

  • Bernie

    Barley will never play college ball. He will end up playing overseas for a year.

  • Alvarado

    Some reasoned input from the wolf man even accounting for his constant sniping at Enfield – USC is NOT a mens basketball heavyweight but is moving towards a very skilled welterweight. I’d say another decent deeper into the tourney will draw a ‘Bagley’ esp. if Altford and company nosedive this year.

    • Pasadena Trojan

      Alvarado, Sc is being built step by step with a strong foundation. It will take time to get where we want it to be, which is a national championship and Enfield will have growing as well, but the program is improving

      • Alvarado

        Pas – better make that 2nd letter a capital ‘C’ and not a lower case one

  • Mr. Negative strikes again…”I’m not sure Andy Enfield could handle the demands of being expected to get to the Final Four.”

  • tim chaney

    just happy he didn’t go to the “other school”, fight on!

  • Evil Robot

    What exactly is the difference between a “Final Four caliber” team and a top 10 team? Are you trying to say that Enfield would somehow coach differently because people think SC could get a #1 seed for the tournament? Does anyone look at the #8 team in the country and think that they’ve got no shot at making a run at the National Championship?

  • Globehead

    We don’t tend to be a bridesmaid in basketball. We usually don’t get invited to weddings. Andy Enfield is changing all that Wolfie. Get on board!

  • Flint Crewneck

    Everyone should listen to Wolf’s take on Enfield here, especially since everything he’s said about the Enfield hire has turned out to be true. Oh wait. Never mind.

  • LamontRaymond

    Enfield can’t handle it? Still angsty about crapping on the Enfield hire at any opportunity you can. Hey, you’re consistent. Consistently wrong in this case. But still dig your brand, Scottie!

  • Steve B.

    Tell me if Bagley is the all everything how did his school lose three games? A one and done so really who needs him for next season. Metu will be super in the middle as a junior & with more players on the bench this season there is too many to keep content now with playing time.