Jack Jones Speaks

Here is Jack Jones on returning punts: “I feel like I’m going to be the best in college football.”

Right now, Jones and Ajene Harris are the top contenders to return kicks. Remember back in the spring, Clay Helton also said Jones would play some offense.

“I think (assistant coach) Tee (Martin) will use him at some point,” Helton said tonight. “He’s so dynamic with the ball in his hands.”

Helton said there are so many receivers, it might require some injuries for Jones to play both. I’d add that Jones should also be playing defense at a consistently high level before perfomring double duty.

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  • Alvarado

    All this guy does is run his mouth – he hasn’t changed a lick since last year.

    • Ed Garrett

      ur just jelous that he writes fir his own web log, smdh

  • 04Trojan

    Thanks for that last line, Coach Flow.

  • jim

    He’s got a lot of confidence in himself, and that’s good. He’s got a lot of talent. But, so far, I haven’t seen him do it on the field. Juju excelled his first year. I think Adorees first year was his best at USC. Marquise Lee was a star his first year. I’m not saying that he doesn’t have star quality. He’s says that he is the best in the game. I’ll believe it when he starts producing.

    • Cloud Shaman

      They excelled because they started on offense and were able to showcase their talents. Jack Jones was on defense.

      • jim

        Fair point! All I am saying is that this kid talks like Muhammad Ali. The difference is that Ali backed it up. So far this kid has done little if anything.

  • steveg

    Has he gained some more size? He might be good, but with what he weighed in at last season I was amazed he didn’t get broken in half.

    • Ben Factor

      He’s a character, and then some. If he makes All-America at CB, that will likely enhance is life earnings a good deal more.

  • UCLA Dynasty

    Good to see this blog performring at a high level.

  • David Keeling

    Jack, you better be good if you are starting at CB or the fans will not take to you with your talking. This isn’t Westwood!