Remembering 1967

USC is honoring the 1967 team at Friday’s Salute to Troy so here is a picture from arguably the most-famous game in school history. It features quite a few notable players: UCLA QB Gary Beban (16), who won the Heisman Trophy; USC defensive ends Jimmy Gunn (56) and Tim Rossovich (88) were All-Americans. Gunn was also part of the Wild Bunch defensive line. Defensive tackle Bubba Scott (71) was another member of the Wild Bunch. Defensive tackle Gary Magner (75) was a fourth-round pick by the New York Jets.

Someone always tries to say Gunn wore No. 83. But in 1967 he wore No. 56. I included the rosters after the jump so you can see Gunn is 56.

By the way, among the players expected at Salute to Troy: Mike Hull; Harry Khasigian; Steve Lehmer; Bob Jensen; Mike Scarpace and Jim Snow. Khasigian and Lehmer were Academic All-Americans, Khasigian was a 2-time All-Conference selection and Hull played in the NFL.

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    Rossovich and Battle were nuts, met Rossovich in Grass Valley where he lives/lived, nice man.

    • gotroy22

      Amazing he survived jumping out of those buildings and eating light bulbs.

    • Alvarado

      The two of them allegedly engaged in ‘pain contests’ – clams made of eating all kinds of really nasty and harmful things.

  • Alvarado

    Thanks Scott – problem with most websites is they DON’T list the roster number of the player just the players name. Wikipedia is one of them….I don’t see Bill Hayhoe’s name on that list man did Zenon Andrusyshyn know it or what?