USC Picture Of The Day

This is the logo at the selfie station the Cowlings residential college. No white Bronco? How many students living here have a clue who the building is named after?

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  • FightOn!

    Well written…

  • Old Trojans never die

    The same number that give a hoot

  • Alvarado

    Looks like one of those shields they were wielding at Charlottesville this past weekend.

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      Who is “they”?

      • party_opponent

        So many sides. Who could tell?

      • Alvarado

        Well the right and oh yeah you and those who think like you – it’s what you need – never any accountability of your side

        • NextUp

          As of this week, “Patriot Rally” is a smokescreen for “Klan Rally”. Be ashamed…be very ashamed.

          • Alvarado

            Sweet watching you phony clowns still looking for work, suddenly sensing as bad as last weekend was the republic stands and the freedoms enshrined to prevent a seizure of power by the elites (lord and ladies but for you 21st century movie stars and news wonks) is working.

            Freedom s what Americans cherish not some lazy ganja smoking unkempt dirtbag marxist-leninist-nazi-socialist

          • NextUp

            Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Cuckoo!

          • Alvarado

            Yeah not a problem – definitely have issues as do all of us.

            Hey here’s one for you – when’s Barakska gonna’ walk on water?

          • gotroy22

            Are you ashamed of attacking the Peace Monument in Altanta you brainless lib?

  • Lunderful

    Does Cowlings Residential College have Safe spaces for the influx of snowflakes?


    Named for Sir Bartholomew Cowlings, who discovered floss?

  • Jack B

    Old Al did a fine job drivin’ that day. He obviously had the makings of a fine chauffeur.

  • 88 Straight

    Fate is a cruel thing. AC was a fine football player who will be remembered most for the slow speed reality show on the SoCal freeways.

    • Jack B

      It’s not fate that was cruel to AC. AC would always do anything for O.J. Would take a bullet for the guy, even though I think O.J. stole AC’s HS girlfriend. AC’s the guy who agreed to drive O.J. around while evading the authorities.

      He’s lucky he wasn’t prosecuted for at least aiding and abetting something – like attempted escape. Maybe the police thought they could use him to help convict O.J. But the chase evidence never made it to the trial. Judge Ito was a true idiot.

      • 88 Straight

        O.J. had plenty of enablers, but you are right about AC. It was always fun to be around him. What a waste of a charmed existence and 2 people dead and 3 families changed forever. He had it all and in an instant, he didn’t.

  • UtahTrojan

    Wondering if the blogger has a clue at all?

  • JustOwns

    Simply hilarious.

    • gotroy22

      That is a disgrace.

  • Yale O. Leftwich

    They were friends in JC..and SC…friends are there come rain or shine, help you through situations…he also was a fine lineman at SC, was true to both….that is how I remember him…not a shallow person at all.

  • trojanhogg

    More likely they’d know him than the namesakes of many other buildings on campus.