Closer Look At Hecuba

So after a long wait, here is Hecuba. What do you think? My initial reaction: You could walk by this statue 1,000 times and never once stop to actually look at it. It looks like a drama student performing in a Greek play.

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  • Peaceful Warrior

    Two observations. She has on Nike sandals and she is demonstrating the 5 points of fumble proof football.

  • Alvarado

    Actually it doesn’t look that bad – a rather good sculpture I’d say.

    • Michael Guarino

      ….On the other hand, it would have been nice if they raised the curtains and she wasn’t there…..

      • Alvarado

        No it dissuades the feminazis from claiming there isn’t ‘equal’ male/female statuary on campus….waiting to see a female baby bear…go woodie…go nellie….go sam…go JD…’blank’ bel-air tech!

        • Michael Guarino

          Okay. But I have to confess that I’m a bit disappointed that you, Alv, of all people, missed the S.J. Perelman reference.

          • Alvarado

            Catch 22? – that asinine ‘hey man don’t bogart that joint’ stupidity right up McGovern’s back end?…everything is ‘relative’ man… nazis…commies…evrything is what you make of it…

            ‘blank’ the left and the rancid corpse of…Jack our Jack….why?…if only…Bobbie…Teddie ….Lord Bentsen…(can’t you see this arrogant condescending handing off his horse to some poor field hand?…you can!) Quayle’s mistake was not saying ‘You’ve never worked a day in your life white bread!’ but that would have meant George Bush Sr. had a pair just the same as that gutless put% Ryan who hadn’t the stones to confront that grinning jacka$$ Biden when he was guffawing and a grinnin’ …’…like a southern democrat.. Nadine honey is that you?”

            If only…Jack our Jack…Bobbie…Teddie…Lord Bentsen…Jimmah….Cousin Bill….Barakska chevrolet…and the final screw in the slot…Hillary aka ‘la bruja’!

          • Michael Guarino

            Oh, crap, Alv——I actually followed your reasoning on this!
            (I guess I can pretty much stay disappointed that you missed The S.J. Perelman reference, though)…..


    Classic Twilight Zone episode: Wolf accidentally gets stuck in the quad at night, and the statue comes to life and talks to him, and he realizes that he too is a campus statue come to life, second from the right in a set called “The Evolution of Man”.

    • j metaphor

      Is that any way to talk to a SoCal graduate?

    • Michael Guarino

      Great Twilight Zone episode —-but “second to the right” is the direction to Never Land.

    • Brutus Beefcake

      dude. home run.


  • Old Trojans never die

    Is that the new border on her dress? I can’t tell why is she offering a potato? Oh that’s what’s left for dinner after 19 kids have eaten.

  • 04Trojan

    Blue balls.

    • Alvarado

      You’re from PA?

      • 04Trojan

        Pennsylvania? Or Palo Alto?

        • Alvarado

          Oh I’d say WEHO is where the fruit0pians nest and breed…don’;t touch me there…stop it you savage…yes I’m normal….

        • Alvarado

          Come on…PA sailor

  • USC jojo

    Would a fabio statue stimulate those senses for you sw?

  • Gabby

    SW hopes the Daily News would honor him with something similar

    • Ken Hart

      He would look great in a dress but I am sure he already knows.

      • JustOwns

        Kenny, why is your elbow stuck to the bar?

  • j metaphor

    What, no Nikes ?????


    For a woman who had 19 kids she kept her figure

    • Pudly76

      That’s how nineteen kids happen.

      • Michael Guarino

        Ha! (You’re always thinking, Pudly)…..

  • Twerk King

    She should show a little thigh…..

  • Lunderful

    What is she presenting in her right hand…..a classical condom?

    • Alvarado

      Oh your GLBT addiction to ‘fruit-land’ is so obvious…Hey why don’t you lover of ‘fruitopian’ antics open up a new playground for the ‘festive’ and call it ‘Pervland..where all your pecadillos of perversion can bud and blossom…spit forth your seed of death and ‘acceptance’….oh no….not there Brooks…have Blair touch me with his femmie (giggle) side …yes we’re normal;

  • Stephen Randel

    Why not Helen?

    • Michael Guarino

      Simple, Stephen —-The Board of Trustees has always been a little intimidated by King Menelaus.

  • agent13

    Spot on, Wolfie… A statue of Xena Warrior Princess would have been better… Wait a minute, she’s a Greek, no that won’t do… never mind….

  • deutsche trojan

    ‘Hecuba’ sounds like a battle cry

  • Pasadena Trojan

    It looks like a waste of money

  • Pasadena Trojan

    Her feet are humgungous.

  • Brutus Beefcake


    what a mug! are you sure that’s not Medusa???