• Jack B

    Only the best for USC!

    The only thing that would ever make SW truly happy about the Trojans would be for them to return to the 1962 national championship Trojans’ helmets with the block gold numerals on the side. It was a one-off version.

    • 04Trojan

      Yeah. And some Spot Bilts. Flow would love that.

      • Jack B

        Remember when Spot Bilts and Riddells were the shoes you wore – with the screw off cleats. Then, out of the blue, shot in adidas.

        • agent13

          Bah, kids today love swag, want swag, need swag. They don’t know how good they have it. We used to have to walk to school uphill in the driving rain or snow (depending on the season) both ways. And we loved it!

          • Pudly76

            Much like an MC Escher litho, my trips to and from school were both uphill.

        • 04Trojan

          Actually, no. Sorry. But that’s just my young age showing.

          • Jack B

            I loved my Spot Bilts. I was wearing the same shoes the SC backs wore. That was as close as I was ever gonna get to wearing a Trojan uniform! Hah!

          • steveg

            Spots were a great shoe, they would last more than one season. We used to file our cleats down to next to nothing to lighten the load. Dumb kids. Brooks were a great shoe also, but they still are.

  • peter

    1967…..Nike and social media were just a bit different then..

  • UtahTrojan

    Is the blogger really complaining about this? Who cares, give the kids what they want within the rules. Is the blogger, like a true democrat, going to ask that USC be taxed at a higher rate because in his opinion they have too much and he wants more?

    • JustOwns

      Walk through jerseys!? – bozo FB narcissistic camp; now bookstore available for $185.00 including a complimentary Hot Box Burrito.

      • Peaceful Warrior

        Your as scared little frustrated boy

        • Jack B

          He’s also got a Hot Box Burrito fetish and was obviously forced to eat thousands of those as a child.

        • SCgrad12

          Bruin Rob could use something like that when he’s working the fry machine at the Cerritos McDonald’s.

      • Pasadena Trojan

        Just like the ruin jersey’s for $9.99 at KMART

  • Alvarado

    Al Gore hadn’t invented the ‘internet’ and Bii Gates hadn’t brutally ripped off a threat to his ‘pc’……all was well….LBJ was putting his final touches, deferring to Robert McNamara, on destroying any credible military offensive against the Communist Vietminh in Indo-China….Lyndon…the ‘first’ in truly worthless demokratiche presidents…followed by ‘Jimmah’ and then the koolest there ever was or will be ‘Barakska’

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      Thanks for those insightful words on the new USC walk-through jersey!

      • Alvarado

        And a huggy thank you for being here too!

  • 04Trojan

    Flow: Why not? Hey, thanks, Nike. At least they don’t have 79 different uniform combinations like Nike U – Quack On.

  • marvienna

    Methinks this is some sort of compromise since Nike can’t get it’s way and get USC to jump on the idiotic and moronic black uniform craze.

    USC can wear anything at practice so long as they never, ever wear black Nike unis.

    Keep it simple and traditional on game days, Trojans.

  • Brutus Beefcake

    the Man-Ziere?

    • gotroy22

      The Bro is too ethnic.

  • steveg

    You got it, flaunt it.

  • Saul Goodman

    One must remember that this generation of players grew up with Jersey Shore. In case you forgot, the show’s characters made famous the shirt before the shirt.