About The Kickers

USC might end up being fine this season with its kickers. But in the meantime, it has two kickers (Michael Brown, Chase McGrath) who have talent but were not heavily recruit. Brown had offers from Cal and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. McGrath is a walk-on at USC. So if anyone is struggling, should it be a surprise?

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  • Jack B

    Earth to SW.

    Many schools do exceptionally well with kickers that were barely recruited. In fact, the kicking game has always been the most under-recruited position in college football by far. Fact.

    • j metaphor

      Scott, do you keep stats on your most frequent posters?
      Jacquie B has to be your number one customer by high triple figures.
      Way to keep Wolfie in the chips, JB.
      It’s just like your dean of medicine, If his fundraising numbers are good, he can do what he wants, same thing with The Wolfman, you are his job security.

      • Jack B

        Now you proved you can’t count either wimp boy. Typical little gutty, Trolling without his abacus.

  • SCgrad12

    Another journalistic gem from Wolf. “it has two kickers who have talent but were not heavily recruit.” You cannot make this stuff up.

    • 04Trojan


  • Uncle Rico

    Please let the season start. Kickers, horses and Trump talk is putting me over the edge. Bring back the baby QB. How about a Kiffin reference.

    • Ken Hart

      That is funny!

    • Jack B

      What’s SW gonna do when The Kiffer really takes off and starts winning big with all the program cast-offs he’s taking in at FAU?

      This is going to happen and The Kiffer will land another huge name job within the next three years. Guaranteed.

      SW will be beside himself. The only thing that will bother him more is when Cowherd wins some huge national award in recog of his contribution to the world of sports and pop culture coverage. That will happen too.

      • j metaphor

        (He still doesn’t get it Scott)
        Keep throwing the tennis ball, Scott and Jacquie will run it down and bring it back every time.
        It’s sad but entertaining just the same.

        • Jack B

          What’s entertaining wimp boy is you little gutty Trolls over here getting laughed at by Trojans all day, every day.

          The Kiffer beat you little gutties 2 out of 3, including the famous 50-0 massacre when you wimpy bruins tried to storm the field over Slick Rick’s dead body when it was already 50-0 in pretend outrage while all the Trojans laughed in your face.

          Hah, hah, hah. Thanks for playing wimp boy. Next time, come back with some ammo.

  • Grammymb

    Depends. Are their shoes black?

  • Arturo

    Did Pete Carroll ever recruit a kicker? Worked for Cesar, will work for Helton.

  • jim

    Like I’ve said before…..”thank you USC Title IX amazons”. The feminazi’s are alive and well in University Park.

  • steveg

    As long as they have someone that can put the ball out of the end zone on kick offs.

  • 04Trojan

    Season’s over. I’m out.

  • Ron Fleishman

    Wolf blah blah blah.. lets do a 360 from a week ago when the sky was falling with regard to the kickers… If you have nothing to write about take a day off.