Player Spotlight: Brice Taylor


Brice Taylor was the first All-American in USC history in 1925. He accomplished this despite not having a left hand. Taylor was also the head coach at Southern University and helped start the Bayou Classic against Grambling. He is also in the USC Hall of Fame.

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  • Pudly76

    How’d he get to SC? How’d he feel being on a segregated team? What was his student experience like? Did he write any memoirs or an autobiography?

    • SCgrad12

      That would take research, and that means work, which Wolf is allergic to.

  • Lunderful

    I’d bet that his story would make an interesting movie/documentary.

    • Grammymb

      Kinda like Jackie Robinson decades before Jackie Robinson. ‘Cept he had no P/R man.

  • Arturo

    Awesome. Totally awesome. All right, Hamilton.

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      Fast Times!

  • marvgoux1

    Forget about Traveler. What about our good leftist hippie friends at the University of California, Berkeley? — “In 1725 George Berkeley formed the project of founding a college in Bermuda for training ministers for the colonies and missionaries to the Indians, in pursuit of which he gave up his deanery with its income of £1,100, and went to America on a salary of £100. He landed near Newport, Rhode Island, where he bought a plantation—the famous “Whitehall.” On October 4, 1730, Berkeley purchased “a Negro man named Philip aged Fourteen years or thereabout.” A few days later he purchased “a Negro man named Edward aged twenty years or thereabouts.” On June 11, 1731, “Dean Berkeley baptized three of his negroes, ‘Philip, Anthony, and Agnes Berkeley'” (The bills of slave can be found in the British Museum (Ms. 39316); qtd. in Mason, 51).

    Berkeley lived at the plantation while he waited for funds for his college to arrive. The funds, however, were not forthcoming and in 1732 he returned to London. In 1734 he was appointed Bishop of Cloyne. ”

    Let the protests begin!

    • JustOwns

      That’s funny, At least the City of Berkeley didn’t resort to legal theft, and appropriate the Berkeley name for the city.

      USC = Univ. of South Carolina….Home to the Citadel, whose cadets fired the first shot of the US Civil War three months prior to Fort Sumter’s bombardment and surrender.

      • Pasadena Trojan

        Squatter, you are not very good with geography. We are in California, particulary in Southern California. what does South Carolina have to do with Southern California? Carolina is on the right hand of the US and California is on the left hand of the US. That might help. No one stole any name. Now go back to school and learn something for once.

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      Deep down you actually want people to protest.

  • Arturo

    Is he wearing Spot- Bilts?

  • tim chaney

    from wikipedia;
    Taylor was a prominent guard for the USC Trojans football team of the University of Southern California. He was a member of USC’s 1925 class and was the school’s first All-American football player, but was not recorded in the school’s media guide due to “the racism that permeated USC’s football field at that time.” In the 1950s, Brad Pye Jr. and Deke Houlgate Sr. initiated a campaign to have Taylor’s name added to USC’s media guide listing of All-Americans, which was ultimately successful.

    • rusoviet

      Man how dam&ing is that!

  • Porfirio666

    Question: Who was the first African-American football player at SC?