USC Morning Buzz: Offense Benefits From Defensive Starters Getting Day Off

Here are my thoughts from Scrimmage No. 3, where Ronald Jones and Stephen Carr had good days . . . against the reserves. And all under the watchful eye of Colin Cowherd.

Excerpt: Even one loss in the first month this year would be considered a disaster. USC scrimmaged Saturday with its super fan, Fox radio host Colin Cowherd, watching again. Cowherd has turned sucking up to USC and Clay Helton into a cottage industry.

And Cowherd doesn’t like losers. So if USC has a slow start, he might turn on his buddy, Helton. That is what fans do.

But if USC’s starting defense does to teams what it did to its own offense during training camp, Cowherd will be pumping up the Trojans all season. The thought of that might be worse than USC losing a game.

Full story here

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  • I have heard Cowherd and he is pretty good, especially when praising SC. But then again, that’s just me.

  • Ken Hart

    Cowherd is much better of a sports reporter than the Jealous blogger. No question about it.

  • Yale O. Leftwich

    I am pleased the other than regular starters are getting lots of extra work and eval…they will be needed, with no off weeks at all this year


    Scott Wolf has a creative thinking mind…he hustles up varieties of interesting issues going on at USC….I would rank the platform he provides #1…..

  • 04Trojan

    So how was dinner last night with Cowherd, Flow?

  • USC jojo

    “And Cowherd doesn’t like losers.” Is that why he doesn’t talk to you? Is that sw in the back ground waiting in line for nachos while Colin gets a one on one interview?

  • UtahTrojan

    Wow. The blogger is very jealous

    • Pudly76

      Ya think? Makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. Wonder if Scott actually dreams of Colin? Ughhh!!

      • marvgoux1

        The f uuclan blogger is asking for questions! Trojan fans should oblige her.

    • john holmes

      I bet he didn’t say anything to Cowherds face while he was there. Wolf is a coward

    • Hector of Troy

      Jealousy the green eyed monster. When asked what he thought of Scott Wolf’s negative remarks about him Colin Cowherd replied: “Scott who?”

  • Pasadena Trojan

    Scooter, what is worse, a radio personality that likes SC or a journalist who graduated from USC trying to destroy the football team at USC?

    • marvgoux1

      How exactly can a sportswriter destroy the greatest football program in the nation?

      • Grammymb

        Yep. Interesting how the haters come back day after day.

      • Michael Guarino

        A sportswriter destroy a football program? It could happen…….no, actually I guess it couldn’t.

      • JustOwns

        Excuses, excuses, excuses, bozo u FB never loses because they SUCC.

        For instance, bozo u failed to score a TD and ost 52 – 6 to Alabama.

        Now according to goop, this white feather bozo u FB loss is the possible fault of Hillary, a usual third party suspect, because she distracted the bozo u FB team from its White Bread Methodist FB Mission.

        • gotroy22

          Hey Owns, are you aware that Hillary is a Methodist? I thought so….

          • JustOwns

            Absolutely, So what?

            She doesn’t mix with Alt Right, Christian, NRA, White Nationalists like yourself.

            Why bother wearing a sheet 22, your smell gives you away.

        • Pasadena Trojan

          Squatter, unlike the ruins not scoring when it was 50-0. Now get to work and get my pizza.

    • 04Trojan

      Ha! Pasadena Trojan 1, Flow 0.

  • LamontRaymond


  • Jack B

    Get over it SW. You’re looking bad, and especially weak.

    Cowherd’s the most successful TV/radio sports talks show host in the world right now. ESPN is totally reeling and headed further downhill since he bolted for Fox and his daily 3-hour show.

    You’re a small-time blogger who lives off the fact millions of us are USC fans and we pay attention to all things USC, including this blog despite your obsessions with school statues, 12-year old QBs and media men like Cowherd who are truly successful.

    Poor SW. Jealous of the ubiquitous Cowherd, a guy who could get a good answer on any question he has from the USC staff at the drop of a hat and has USC coaches and players on his show whenever he wants.

    Don’t worry SW. You never had a shot a success like Cowherd, so don’t feel too bad. Just be glad you went to USC or you might be covering the Anteaters.


      If boot lickers are your idea of successful, have at it….Cowherd will be gone and Wolfie will be giving us chances to speak….

      • Jack B

        You should learn that up-voting yourself is a sign you like to lick your own boots. How do they taste, SW lover boy?


          Voting is an American right….you sound like one of those who likes to trash talk the American way

          • Pudly76

            Really, unamerican? Because he doesn’t believe the same as you? Please help me out. How’s that unamerican?


            Wolfie, you need to incorporate this voting stuff more…seems your readers have a fetish for it….I see opportunity for you to enhance your blogging hooking visuals here…..

      • Sas

        I fell asleep. What were you sayin?

    • Sas


    • j metaphor

      And you are the guy posting the most on his site.
      The Wolfman should buy you dinner once a month for the hits you give him.
      Wait, has anyone ever seen Princess Jacquie and Scott Wolf in the same room……..?

  • Rock2112

    Wolf takes the higher road — hate on the coaches and team all the time, then you don’t have to “turn” on them when things go bad.

  • Popeye Sailorman

    Colin Cowherd said some negative & mean things about HC Clay Helton the 1st 4 games last season when USC was 1-3.. After the RoseBowl game, he talked like Clay Helton hire was a genius!! Also, invited Clay Helton on his radio show a couple times. GOOD thing Clay Helton is a Classy & Professional guy!

    • Jack B

      I listen to or watch Cowherd all the time and he never talked like Helton was some genius. Never.

      He just pointed out that Helton badly misjudged the QB competition to start last season, which would be obvious to even a frog. Helton deserves a lot of credit for holding the team together while it was tanking under his poor decision-making.

      Once Swann set Helton straight and Darnold was named starter, the whole USC football universe changed. Just like that.

      Godo thing Helton had Darnold on the roster or USC would have won 6-7 games last season and would be lucky to be ranked right now.

      • Popeye Sailorman

        One of a couple Colin Cowherd video last season on HC Clay Helton, he said “USC made bad coaching hires, Clay Helton was not seen in the industry as a good hire, he couldn’t put together a redeemable staff & now they Suck”.

  • Popeye Sailorman

    USC with Kessler allowed 34 sacks in 2013 with the Same Offensive Line..
    USC with Kessler allowed 32 sacks in 2014 with the Same Offensive Line..
    USC with Kessler allowed 38 sacks in 2015 with the Same Offensive Line..
    USC with Darnold allowed 12 sacks in 2016 with the Same Offensive Line..
    Most of 2016’s 12 sacks allowed was in the first 3 games when it was QB Max Browne!!
    Detect the Difference?
    Sam Darnold!!
    USC success credited to Sam Darnold. USC will have a stellar season & this could also be QB Sam Darnold’s last season as he heads into the NFL with a #1 pick. Who can refuse an Overall #1 pick with $10-$20 Millions Guarantee & Signing Bonuses!

    • j metaphor

      Things haven’t looked this good for SoCal football since Little Matty Barks came back for his senior year as a Heisman candidate and SoCal ranked No 1 !!!

      • Popeye Sailorman

        lol. Good for USC fans but bad for Matty Barks as his stocks dropped to the 4th round. Barks also had a shoulder injury in his senior season. Unlike Carson Palmer Overall #1 pick or Matt Lionheart 1st round pick who came back for their senior season.

      • Jethro G Sabbath

        Things haven’t looked this good for UCLA football since… well, never.

  • Sas

    1. Colin Cowherd

    20. Sc*tt W*lf

  • Isaiahdolan

    “Even one loss in the first month this year would be considered a disaster.”

    How low can SW go?

  • Sebastian Lane

    Nothing like the stench of bRuins on this thread. It’s just pathetic. Coming over here, insulting people and acting like a jackass. Go away, you trolling clowns…….Far beyond brutal.

  • Hector of Troy

    What will Kiff say about Wolf’s wandering eye?