USC Kicking Update

USC kickers made 7 of 8 field goals today. Michael Brown was 3 for 4! And Chase McGrath was 4 for 4!

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  • Jack B

    How could the USC kickers go 7 for 8? Neither was heavily recruited. It must be USC magic! Get SW on the case so he can explain this otherworldly phenomena.

    • steveg

      Geez Jack, then he will come up with other questions. Keep Wolf out of it and get REAL news elsewhere is my motto.

  • Pudly76

    Now that fall camp is over, it’s interesting to see the consistency return to the kickers, as they work with regular snappers and holders.
    The last two days Brown has been 7 of 9 and McGrath has been 8 of 9. Guess the sky’s not falling anymore. McGrath has hit from a slightly longer distance too. The long kick the last two days was 43 yds, not great, but ok.
    On kickoffs, the pair regularly put the ball in the end zone when asked to.

  • Pasadena Trojan

    Scooter, you don’t go into explanation on why the kicking game is getting better. Typical negative person, you hate it when things get better because then you have to report it and you can’t write your negativity towards the program.

    • j metaphor

      Still playin’ em like a fiddle, Wolfman.

  • Wayne Lusvardi

    Kicking field goals, like playing QB, is a team thing. Snapper, holder, kicker team improving with repetition. So we should refer to the field goal unit not just the kicker (it’s a micro-orchestra not a solo performance). Hitting field goals from side angles is tricky because the window is smaller and sometimes harder the closer to the goal posts. Boermeister was a gamer but a specialist who made 18 of 25 attempts last year (72%). Both of these kickers are kick-off kickers which doesn’t help them with the angled kicking for field goals. They are habitual straight kickers. Maybe putting on those glasses that simulate actual game conditions and perceptions would help the field goal kickers in envisioning the kicking window from angles even more than the QB’s use it.