USC Picture Of The Day

Right across the street from Howard Jones Field yesterday, students chanted and passed by during a peace walk that happened during football practice.

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  • SCgrad12

    I’m sure that accomplished a lot.

    • NextUp

      So what? Against the 1st Amendment?

      • SCgrad12

        Is your breath bad?

        • NextUp

          Do you ever make sense?

          • SCgrad12

            Look in the mirror and ask the same question. Ask a stupid question get a stupid answer.

    • Rick S.

      Frickin Pagans…

  • gotroy22

    Were they protesting Traveler?

    • Grammymb

      No. They were protesting that the bRUINS cancelled practice the other day in protest of the fact that classes were due to begin in 4 weeks.

      • gotroy22

        Did they go over the wall yet? Ditching practice is a ruin tradtion like no other.

    • Michael Guarino

      Yes. [The wounds cut by Traveler’s laps around the Coliseum track cut deep, gt]……..


      The misspelling of Shakespeare on Hecuba

  • Jack B

    Jane Fonda spoke on USC’s campus when I was a student.

    I don’t remember what she said, but she did look cute in her Shag, though apparently she was massively binging and purging when not speaking at the time.

  • Ryan D

    well at least they were civil compared to the crazy sjw’s in berkeley and ucla.

  • Pasadena Trojan

    Poor little snowflakes. What, they did not get a cookie in their lunch box? Panzies. These kids have no clue how easy they have it. My dad was in WW II at the age of 17 years old. He missed the Battle of the Bulge by two weeks. He lost many a friend there. When the snowflakes have to face adversity such as the Depression, WW II, or being out of a job and the mortgage is due today, then they can say something. Until then, stay in school kiddies.