• FightOn!

    Oh boy…

    • gotroy22

      Where in the world are you competing this week, Golly Noid?

  • Michael Guarino

    This is such a serious matter that fair minded people would like to see a real, honest to God hearing (meaning right of subpoena, exclusion of hearsay, examination of witnesses, introduction of previous inconsistent statements, vigorous cross examination, etc) before coming down for or against Matt. At this moment, none of us really knows enough to cast a vote —except the trolls [who seem very much at home basing opinions on ignorance].

    • j metaphor

      Ignorance & history.

      • Michael Guarino

        Thanks for proving my point —-questions of guilt or innocence are decided on the specific facts relevant to that case. California law specifically prohibits the introduction of past history (i.e., the “ignorance plus history” approach is the one way you can NEVER go in a court of law). Funny that you quickly claimed it would be your preferred way of doing business.

        • SCgrad12

          Mike, metaphor is a moron, as is the rest of the UCLA trolls. If this had happened to a UCLA player he would be screaming like a stuck pig.

          • Michael Guarino

            You got that 100% right, SCgrad12! Conversely, the absolute glee expressed when one of our guys finds himself in difficulty is off the charts. Wow! I wonder if these guys ever take a good, long look at themselves?

          • SCgrad12

            99% of the UCLA trolls who are always posting have never been to a UCLA athletic event, much less attended the school. If you ever go onto the Inside UCLA blog the number of responses from USC fans is about 5%. It’s like Matt Leinart said. “I like UCLA as a school, it’s the fans who never went there that are a pain.”

          • Pasadena Trojan

            you can say the same thing about ND.

    • gotroy22

      Upvote 1000 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Old Trojans never die

    I like that the vote is close between the kicker and the don’t know group. This because frankly I don’t know. What I do know is unfair is unfair.

  • 04Trojan

    Flow: Bored tonight? What in the hell kind of post is this?

  • Ryan D

    well all we know the kid’s gf said it was blown out of proportion and she stated that they were just rough housing. could’ve been loud sexual intercourse that woke up the neighbors or an actual fight that involved pushing and shoving because there were reported to be witnesses and it was them who notified the university authorities. that’s where the kicker’s career at usc was done.

  • Golden Trojan

    A lot of money spent on 2 classes to graduate. Practical person would get his classes done somewhere else, graduate, do one year as a grad transfer, play that year and go to the NFL. Unless he wants his reputation back and his lawyers think they can win.