• Old Trojans never die

    It is always the Pac 12 team that is weak and never the nonconference team that is strong.
    San Diego State and Fresno State have both beaten the Trojans at least once. Marshall Falk ran all over John Robinson’s team.

    • gotroy22

      Those were dark days.

      • Pudly76

        Faulk could play a little football every now and again.

    • SDSillyCyclist

      I live in San Diego – SDSU with Faulk tied USC 31-31, but could have beaten USC. SDSU missed two field goals late in the game that could have won it for state. This year’s Aztecs also look good – Rashaad Penny is a real talent, and I have a lot of respect for head coach Rocky Long. They’ll certainly use USC’s rushing attack as a blueprint against Stanford this weekend.

  • Uncle Rico

    Nice to see Scott bagging on the rest of conference now instead of just USC. I notice though he left out UCLA. HMMM…

    • j metaphor

      Note to Rico: UCLA is 2-0

  • Evil Robot

    “The looming disaster this week would be if San Diego State defeated Stanford. Imagine the Cardinal losing to the Aztecs and then upsetting Washington later this year in Palo Alto.” Aah “imagine” the cornerstone of all good sports writing. Why don’t you dream big and let lose with “Imagine if Alabama lost to Mercer the week before the Iron Bowl”.

    As far as your totally unfounded claims about Washington St’s backup, yes, he had 240 yards… on 33 attempts. Falk was worse with 193 on 34 attempts. Oh, as far as your “Imagine if…” SC or UCLA had to play a backup, well, it happened last season when Mike F’n-Awful was rolled out, conveniently enough, against Washington St, where he clearly out-performed Falk… who finished the day with a 47 passer rating.

    I will concede that you were right one one account. It doesn’t matter who is Washington State’s QB under Mike Leach… they will still manage to be bowl eligible about half the time and Leach has lost to Portland St, Boise St & Eastern Washington. Outstanding work.

  • gotroy22

    Conclusion: With ND and the Pac 12 down, USC will run the table to the playoffs.

  • Peaceful Warrior

    PAC 12 is 4-1 in out of conference play. The best record of any of the power 5. How can anybody say this is a down year. SEC is 3-4 and BIG 10 is 6-5.

  • David Keeling

    I keep saying it and will continue until I am proven wrong. Most Pac-12 school presidents don’t care about college football. They could if they wanted to, support their programs by putting more resources into it to build a program competitive. But all they care to do is hold their hands out to collect TV money and be cheap.

  • jim

    Everyone is afraid of Washington State. They say that it’s a trap game. I don’t think the Cougars are going to beat SC. SC usually plays well against those spread offenses. That’s where the Nickel defense excels. It will be a good game because WS is good this year and they are playing in their house but they won’t win. I’m worried more about Texas this week.

    • LAfan

      I’m worried more about the Thursday night conference game. USC has a history of coming into those games unprepared.

      • jim

        Let’s hope that the SC players buy into CH’s philosophy that the next game is always the national championship.