It’s Hard To Manage So Many Stars

Athlon’s is on a roll today. It named USC offensive coordinator Tee Martin its coordinator of the week. Let’s see: Sam Darnold, Ronald Jones, Stephen Carr, Deontay Burnett . . . wow that is a tough job.

79 thoughts on “It’s Hard To Manage So Many Stars

  1. Well deserved…..his knowledge of things help inflict damage on Stanford and I am grateful….

  2. Wolf gives staff C+ and Athlon names Tee OC of the week. Once again, this reaffirms wolf’s low football IQ. I must question wolf’s mental stability.

    Congrats Tee!…job well done

    • I thought the play calling was excellent against Stanford. Excellent mix of run & pass.

      • It was a totally dominant Trojan offensive effort. We ran and passed at will against a tough, physical team to the tune of 623 yds.

        We’re back baby! You can say we have only beaten one good team, but so have ALA, CLEM and OU. We’re right where we want to be.

        This TEXAS game coming up is a perfect platform for USC to make another big announcement to the college football world that USC Football is back baby. We’ll beat a mediocre team with a huge name that travels well to the Coliseum which will be filled with humiliated and glum ‘Horn fans.

        We Be Ready.

      • I thought the whole offensive line deserved the game ball, especially the left side. In order to beat Stanford it has to start in the trenches. I would add, we arguably have the best backfield in college football, Darnold, Jones and Carr

    • Wolf really can’t function under any kind of USC success. It makes life so much better knowing that.

  3. Wow. Before the game, Wolf says Lord only knows what SC will do without star receivers and that coaching staff has its work cut out. After the game, one in which the receivers light it up and the offense rolls up 623 yards of offense, Wolf says the coaches were along for the ride! If they gave out licenses for sports blogging, this might be enough to get Wolf’s license pulled.

    • Agreed. [But there is a big difference between being a great offensive coordinator —and recruiter —-and being a great head coach. Ask Norm Chow]……

    • His son was on the field Saturday against Auburn and it looks like he’s gonna be playing a lot so I hope that some school near South Carolina doesn’t come calling for Tee or we may be saying our goodbyes.

      • i thought he was going to be a mock oc , but he’s a great game caller. he’s going to be on many lists after this season.

      • What did I tell-ya Sam. A little off the 27-13 ( lOL ) score. 85 recruited scholarships finally. We have depth and talent and attitude and staff and-and-and..I’ll let you fill in the rest…Fight On!

        • Great win! Great because like you said we were at full strength for the first time in a lot of years and we let them know who owns the block they call the Pac 12. But guys like Houston, Jack-Jack, Fatu, Tell, Edoga, Brown, Carr, Malepeai, too many to remember! But they showed our muscle when we haven’t even found all of our strengths. That says a lot for this Team!

          FIGHT ON all the way to a National Championship!!!!!!!!!

  4. Someone is obviously bitter.. Lol.. Dairy Queen is hiring. FLOW it is time to turn in your pocket protector, and walk away! #mayitakeyourorderplease

  5. They all play awesome, Scott mocks. If they underperform, Scott mocks. I think Scott has a bunch of rocks in his shoes. Congrats Tee, we are officially past the days of the bubble screen and tunnel-vision playcalling.

  6. I really don’t understand the Snark that come from the bloggers perspective.
    It’s just sad really…

  7. Sw is doing his best to give charlie bucket, oh wait, brutus beefcake, some ammo to comment on. The Stanford beat down will keep him hiding for a while.

  8. This logic is just baffling. Does this mean that Saban is a crappy coach because he has all those great players? Didn’t somebody have to recruit those players? And if you develop a player into a star (Burnett, Rojo), you get no credit?

    Even the best coaches can’t do anything without good players — just incredibly twisted logic on a person trying to tear down good accomplishments.

  9. He definitely is learning on the job….just like CH. He’s a much better play caller than he was when he first took over the job. Even Clay Helton is learning fast. I was one of the guys who said that they made a mistake when they hired him. He’s still a little bit of a question mark but he is definitely growing on me. He’s starting to remind me of PC in the sense that PC coached teams would lose to the Oregon States of the world. Whenever they had a big game, PC always had his team prepared and rarely lost(Texas being the one exception….and they should have won that one). CH is starting to give me that impression. He wins the big games….Washington, Penn State and Stanford. When the money is on the table, CH teams come prepared to win.

    • I’ll give you Washington last year and Stanford last week – those were both very well prepped and coached teams. Penn State – well, I almost have to side with the blogger on that one, and say that Sam pulled that game out, and that luck was on USC’s side. Totally agree that Helton and Martin have learned on the job, and I hope that they keep it up. I’m worried that there’s not much tape on Texas under this new staff for the coaches… here’s hoping that they can learn really fast during the game if things don’t work out in the first half.

  10. It’s a sad fact of life that, when USC is winning, Scott gets fewer hits. Lots fewer. Happy people don’t need to vent. So Scott has gone WAY out of his way to write the model “vent” piece. Blaming Tee for being all-around successful?! Scott can’t do better than that. We have to do our part now and get him up to at least 100 angry responses…….

    • Mike. I have been busy with hustling to get done at work and then helping with my son’s off and on love with Baseball, and watching whatever reality show the ol lady has us watching. But I am always here with you bro, don’t worry about that. And SW refuses to urinate next to another grown man even when the hold is most excruciating. He went to USC, he learned at USC, he uses USC to promote his “work”, but he continues to bite the hand that fed him. Someone might say he’s not a homer, but we all know the difference between being a “homer” and keeping it professional. The funny thing is when I have had direct comments to him and he respondes he seems normal and likeable.

      • Very thoughtful stuff, bro! You know your last sentence really struck a nerve —-I can remember then Cassius Clay saying this about the elder statesman of boxing, Archie Moore: “Archie is a great guy —but he’s at the point where sports is a business with him —that makes him dangerous.”
        Best of luck with your son’s baseball career ….and whatever reality show you guys are watching (hope your favorite wins the competition —-or is last to get kicked off…or sees his or her dream come true, whatever is the case)!

  11. I would love to “accidentally” spill a cold one on the top of SW’s globe of a head.
    What a smart a**.


      • It’s a love hate thing. More love, a spec of hate. For instance….i hate that the I have to tailgate all the way on campus now. We could easily pay the $5 or $10 extra it is to stay near the Coliseum but this BS will only continue. We’ve been loyal to the SC & the Coliseum since I can remember. Dark days and the sunny, but they can just up and take 20,000 seats away or tell people “oh, you have to park on campus”.
        That’s what I hate.

        No DISRESPECT to anyone alumni or students, but I don’t remember any RV’s or diehards being around during the Smith or Hackett years. They abandoned the whole thing and came back when dinner was hot.

        Just saying.

          • ✌!!!

            On another subject. I was just looking at the Dodgers record and I’m blown away at our how bad of wall

          • Crazy. Hope they don’t get it in their heads, baseball is such a mental game, you get in your head you can’t win, and it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

          • Perfectly said!

            It’s so mental. They called up all the September guys and the lineups were different and very loose which was natural, but they lost a couple saying they weren’t worried and that was fine too, but now the way they haven’t hit in these games shows me that it’s on the wall that they are playing mind games with themselves and it’s unbelievable when you consider how far they’ve come. Crazy. I had to bunt and take pitches at leadoff and the 2-spot and it would sometimes throw me out of rhythm, but this is an infected group right now.

            That said……the silver lining of this is…….This is baseball……and we can be glad this happened now and not in a playoff setting. You know baseball, and we could easily turn it on and play with the big stick. It’s a long season and that is what we are thankful for at the moment. Tomorrow could be the day they turn it on.

            TO BE CONTINUED……

          • Please be more insightful on that one. You agreeing on that has no kind of sense. Sorry, but you want be a smart *** the first time you make a comment to me then go ahead and be that. We need more of those here.

  12. USC is back to having not just a couple of great players, now it is a full stable of thoroughbreds. That O line became a unit, Sam has way to much time on his hands. This is going to be one hell of a ride this season.

  13. Wow, pulling something out of your behind and writing about it…tough job!

    Moron. Harder to coach more talented kids. Martin’s job is not easy due to the personnel. He has to figure out how to best use them and then try to enable them to do what they do best vs. a different opponent that has different strengths and weaknesses than the previous opponent.

    Doh! How is this guy still covering football?!

  14. I think fans of both of our teams have seen what happens when you have talent but coaches that mismanage it. To dismiss what it takes to get multiple alphas on the same page tosses out the wizardry of greats like Phil Jackson, Jimmy Johnson and Karl Dorrell.

  15. Whoever gives the OK on salarys, maybe starting considering a seven figure salary for Tee Martin? Associated head coach? Maybe?

  16. USC offense is a Darnold scrambling , extending plays, getting 3rd down conversions … keeping SC crappy D off the field and wearing down opposing Ds.
    T Bone will get a Houston type job and will be exposed as a fraud like Kiffy and Suck

  17. Maybe this will lead Tee Martin to the Arizona state job when it opens up at the end of the season

  18. Scooter, as usual, you don’t know anything about football. In order for those players to go and do what they do, they need great protection. That is the o-line. Did you notice that Helton walked out with two oline men on Saturday. Instead of you always commenting on how SC would do horrible without Darnold, it would be worse without the linemen in front. Ask ugly about their oline, that is why they suck.

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