• Jack B

    If only he could be cloned.

    • Gabby

      ….and I thought it couldn’t get better than Matt Leinart

      • SucKiffin

        Beside Carson and Rodney Peete
        Matt was great but he was on some incredible teams with Norm Chow pulling the strings ( until 2005 when Kiffy and Suck tried to ruin him )

        • Gabby

          Matt had a much better career at USC than Carson and Peete. Matt won, I think, 34 straight games. Could this of happened with a different QB, it’s hard to say

          • Jack B

            Carson was the amazing gun who finished fast once he didn’t have to carry the whole team on his shoulders.

            Peete was the boyish charismatic smile who brought clutch energy and versatility to a tough group.

            Leinart was the Lion who somehow completed the impossible 4th and 9 while leading the glitzy Trojans to the biggest win streak in our history.

            I still say Darnold is the best ever at USC and believe he will cement this further with every game.

          • Burak Uslu

            I totally agree.

            Sam is one of those guys that we faced over the years that makes a mediocre team look so much better.

            It is hard to beat even weaker teams 34 games in a row. So my hat is off to Leinart and the coaching staff from 2004-2005 teams.

            But Sam makes everyone around himself look good and then wins games we should have lost (Penn State!!).

            He is just a pure athlete. I am almost inclined to get him to kick field goals. I am sure he can do better than the ones we have on roster.

        • Pete

          You are right about those 2004-2005 teams. Never seen a team with that kind of offense talent. Leinart, as good as he was, some games he just had to be a good manager. You had Bush, LenDale White, Winston Justice, Fred Matua, Deuce Latui, Dwayne Jarrett, Dominique Byrd, Steve Smith. The list goes on. And the scout team had Kaluka Maiava, Ray Maualuga, Clay Mathews, Brian Cushing, Ryan Kalil and On and On. That 2005 averaged 575 ypg. That was a team that huddled. But I’ll take Sam over all of them. Last year Sam didn’t have the talent Leinart had. Pretty much carried the team the whole way. Rose Bowl passing record. USC ran off 88 plays in that game largely because of the receivers and Sam Darnold. Can’t compare Leinart with Ben Roethlisberger or Aaron Rodgers, But Sam has similar qualities that both those QB’s have…..Fight On!

        • JBKayak

          Leinhart won in HS and college with his head. His pro career shows he didn’t have the natural physical ability, of the elite QBs, but he won thru his competitive nature. He knew how to win. Darnold has Leinhart head in Palmer body. Perfect!

  • USC Heisman 7

    Great kid.. Aside from football, Sam has a bright future ahead of him.. I agree Jack, Wish we could have more kids like Sam!

    • Jack B

      He’s already managed to out-Haden Pat Haden, who was the USC Golden Child in the early ’70s, before he got the Rhodes Ship and became a Ram.

      Darnold will be a much better pro and I have no doubt will never become an announcer for Notre Dame!

      • USC Heisman 7

        He is a better person than Pat Haden.. Huge fan, look forward to seeing Sam playing on sundays.

  • SucKiffin

    Sam Darnold is the perfect football player … amazing
    He saved USC football

  • 04Trojan

    Hey, Flow! Get closer next time! Sheesh.

  • Pac12 fan

    Sam is the ultimate college football player you would want to represent your schooll!

  • Lunderful

    Rojo’s voice sounds like Jimi Hendrix!

  • Pete

    Best I’ve seen at USC.

  • UCLA Dynasty

    Dude, turn your phone. Stop shooting videos vertically.

  • JBKayak

    Darnold is Matt Leinhart in Carson Palmer’s body. Amazing combination of ‘the will to win’ and ‘athletic body’