USC Morning Buzz: Don’t Believe Texas Claims On BCS Title Game

When you play a school like Texas, it brings a higher level of interest to a game. That is often good. But it can also be bad. Texas social media was up in arms Monday with the incorrect claim USC does not believe the 2006 BCS title game against the Longhorns was a loss.

First, USC does not decide anything. The NCAA does. The sanctions do not vacate the Texas victory. However, the NCAA believes institutions benefit when they get to claim bowl participation of any kind arising out of a player’s tainted participation (Reggie Bush). So USC cannot claim it participated in the 2006 Rose Bowl. Which means that USC is not charged with the loss . . . from a game it does not get to claim it participated in.

USC would actually be in violation of the NCAA sanctions order if it claimed the loss. Is it ridiculous? Yes. But it’s not USC’s decision. USC is not denying the Texas victory. USC simply cannot acknowledge the bowl loss, in which Reggie Bush participated

P.S. — By vacating the participation, USC is left undefeated in BCS bowl games. So USC is actually tied for the best BCS Bowl record in the NCAA Record Book. Thanks, NCAA!
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  • 04Trojan

    Nice picture, Flow. You couldn’t have just posted a picture of Vince Young waltzing into the end zone?

    • Gabby

      The guy never posts a favorable picture…. agenda driven

    • Twerk King

      I’m surprised he didn’t put up a pic of the song girl cheering for the TX TD.

      • Jack B

        That’s a photoshop picture of the suddenly super giant Song Girl, in case you didn’t know.


    Did someone say “Fake News”?

  • peter

    Has there been any word on Poter’s injury? MT’s?

    • Gabby

      Hours after another outside source reports an update, wolf will follow through when the donut box is empty

  • SCgrad12

    Can I get my money back for the tickets I bought for that “non” game?

    • Michael Guarino

      Ha! Great theory. I’ll represent you all the way to the Supreme Court.
      #StartLooking ForYourTicketStub

  • Gabby

    I’m sure Paul Dee is not happy with this


    • Grammymb

      RIP? Not.

  • Jethro G Sabbath

    Check out Scott Wolf defending USC!

    • LamontRaymond

      Refreshing when he puts on his white hat. It’s just a tease, but a good one.

      • Michael Guarino

        I” take it.

        • steveg

          They are so very rare, I will too.

    • Jack B

      Shocker! An educational, well thought-out post from SW.

      Who knew SC claimed yet another college football #1 ranking – best BCS bowl record.

      Fight On! We’re back. Beat the ‘Horns! Payback is good.

      • Michael Guarino

        The deal about Texas fans being “up in arms” over USC “DENYING” the 2006 loss, suggests two thoughts: (1) Texas is gonna play this game with their hair on fire, (2) I hope we pile it on ’em like we’ve never piled it on anybody before.

        • Jack B

          I predict another 20+ point USC win. TEXAS just isn’t ready for us now. They may be next year, but not now. If TEXAS were any good, GameDay would be in L.A. for the game.

          We need to punish the Longhorns with a horrible dose of Darnold, the relentless running game and some stifling defense. Once that happens, ‘Horn fans won’t be thinking about anything but the beatdown, which is a comin’.

          • Michael Guarino

            I like the sound of that last paragraph. As a matter of fact, those are kinda the words I hope are coming out of all the coaches’ mouths from here til they lead the Trojans down the tunnel on Saturday.

          • Grammymb

            I thought Game Day was coming on Saturday.

        • gotroy22

          Texas is at the ruin level. Expect a 60-7 win.

          • Michael Guarino

            Same level team, gt. The scary part comes in the form of a WAY better coach. (But 60 -7 would be so beautiful).

        • agent13

          A blowout would be great but true payback is beating them for the National Championship not a regular season game. While it’s not gonna happen this year, let’s hope it will in the near future.

          • Michael Guarino

            True. Maybe next year.

      • Fred

        Except you don’t get a ring for payback. Unlike the Texas players who have a ring because Pete decided he didn’t need Reggie Bush on 4th and 2.

        • Jack B

          Actually the ‘Horns are strictly small fry now and don’t stand a chance at the Coliseum. The last thing USC’s team needs is another ring right now.

          We’ve got much bigger fish to fry, like yet another Football Conference Championship (USC leads massively here and the rings to prove it) and big-time bowl win (25 Rose Bowl wins and college football leading .667 bowl winning % and the rings to prove that too).

          Poor ucla. When you gonna win another conference championship in football? Ever? It’s been 20 years for you little gutties. The Curse of Cade many call it. Cracks me up. Makes bruins cry.

  • Golden Trojan

    Classic NCAA. So Texas can claim a victory and Nat. Champ. from a non game. Would have saved me a lot of emotion had I known that was not a game I watched!

  • marvienna

    Sounds like something only a lawyer would enjoy reading or listening to.

  • Brutus Beefcake

    another valid point to ponder: if SC was a member of the BCS championship series (the entire Pac 12 was) then it follows they should recognize the legit champs of the BCS title game in 2004 which was of course LSU. but despite the fact a majority of coaches voted LSU #1 (as required by BCS), Sc tries to claim a title, EVEN THOUGH the facts say LSU clearly won it.



    • Oaktown Trojan

      Interesting point except that USC doesn’t claim the BCS national championship that year. USC claims the AP national championship because they were voted number one by the writers. Therefore they are co-national champions. Even if USC recognized LSU’s BCS national championship (and I haven’t seen any evidence to suggest that they don’t), they say can still acknowledge their own from the AP.

      • Jack B

        You’re talking to Roid Beefcake, one of the dumbest Trolls on the planet.

        He still thinks the winner of the college football NC gets a Crystal Ball Trophy. He probably thinks a Mirror Ball Trophy gets awarded to 2nd place.

      • marvienna

        LSU fans have very minimal accomplishments as a football program before 2003. In the entire twentieth century, all they have is one national title in football and a measly punt return on Halloween night for a highlight clip.

        LSU fans have to try to denigrate USC in 2004 because they clearly don’t have the history, tradition and prestige that USC earned.



        FIGHT ON!