• Michael Guarino

    I’m trying to find UCLA anywhere on the cover —-but I’m having trouble.

    • gotroy22

      Oregon has the best player but isn’t in the top 20? And Arizona is #1? The pac 12 will be interesting this year.

      • LAfan

        The last two years, the best player (well the #1 NBA pick) played for schools that didn’t make the tournament. These are odd times right now.

      • JustOwns

        Andyain’twinning is what 0 – 9 or 10 vs Oregon?

        • Sas

          Guess what buddy?

          Oregon and Dana Altman have been to the Final Four.

          Let that swoosh around for a second.

    • 88 Straight

      Let me host you at Pauley Pavilion. I’ll show you some banners.

      • Michael Guarino

        As Homer Simpson remarked when reminded that he had vowed 20 minutes earlier to be more considerate, “That was in the past. All in the past.”

        • 88 Straight

          Everything that we know of is in the past, including last week’s games.

          Sometimes the past is prologue.

          • Michael Guarino

            The NCAA doesn’t look at it that way.

          • 88 Straight

            Now that’s a different discussion. And one that I generally avoid. It tends to be a black hole.

        • Sas

          Great character reference and quote Mike!
          Ucla basketball is definitely living in the past.


          • Michael Guarino

            This upcoming season will make it clear that the past is ALL they have left, Sam. The worm has turned.
            [By the way, Homer has forgotten more football than Mora will ever know]…….

  • Pasadena Trojan

    I’m skeptical for right now. SC has to prove that they are worth the ranking by beating zona and as usual destroying the pizza delivery boys.

  • Ed Garrett

    intrestimg that only scools with the best teems get to be ranked in this suposedly free county…gee thanks alot drumpf…smdh!

    • Michael Guarino

      Ed, allow me to join you in voting your own comment up.

      • Pudly76

        But why? Is she on her way to Saudi Arabia to vote?

        • Michael Guarino

          HA! I wish we gave out prizes for answers like that! [We need to talk to Scott about it—I bet you anything he’d spring for some great stuff —just knowing he’s making us happy would be all the compensation he needs].

      • marvgoux1

        She doesn’t get the joke.

        • Michael Guarino

          Get the joke? No. But she works outside the home, votes, plays sports…..and she straightened Ed out for life.

  • Pac12 fan

    With the Bagley signing and eligibility Duke is rated too low with all the talent they have.

  • Pac12 fan

    Most rankings put Duke at number 1 . Arizona needs to strengthen their non conference schedule in future years to help their run in the NCAAs and put teams like Kentucky, Duke, Kansas on a home and home schedule. Recruiting is great but Pac12 usually only has 3 or 4 teams a year that are challenging

  • j metaphor

    SoCal ranked in basketball?
    Did they fire Andy-with-the-hot-wife?