22 thoughts on “USC No. 7 In Athlon Basketball Poll

  1. I’m trying to find UCLA anywhere on the cover —-but I’m having trouble.

    • Oregon has the best player but isn’t in the top 20? And Arizona is #1? The pac 12 will be interesting this year.

      • The last two years, the best player (well the #1 NBA pick) played for schools that didn’t make the tournament. These are odd times right now.

        • Hahaaaaa!
          Guess what buddy?

          Oregon and Dana Altman have been to the Final Four.

          Let that swoosh around for a second.

      • As Homer Simpson remarked when reminded that he had vowed 20 minutes earlier to be more considerate, “That was in the past. All in the past.”

        • Everything that we know of is in the past, including last week’s games.

          Sometimes the past is prologue.

          • This upcoming season will make it clear that the past is ALL they have left, Sam. The worm has turned.
            [By the way, Homer has forgotten more football than Mora will ever know]…….

  2. I’m skeptical for right now. SC has to prove that they are worth the ranking by beating zona and as usual destroying the pizza delivery boys.

  3. intrestimg that only scools with the best teems get to be ranked in this suposedly free county…gee thanks alot drumpf…smdh!

        • HA! I wish we gave out prizes for answers like that! [We need to talk to Scott about it—I bet you anything he’d spring for some great stuff —just knowing he’s making us happy would be all the compensation he needs].

        • Get the joke? No. But she works outside the home, votes, plays sports…..and she straightened Ed out for life.

  4. Most rankings put Duke at number 1 . Arizona needs to strengthen their non conference schedule in future years to help their run in the NCAAs and put teams like Kentucky, Duke, Kansas on a home and home schedule. Recruiting is great but Pac12 usually only has 3 or 4 teams a year that are challenging

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