Porter Gustin Has Toe Surgery

USC defensive end Porter Gustin underwent surgery to have two screws in a crack in his big toe. Gustin’s surgery is similar to what JuJu Smith-Schuster underwent two years ago. But Smith-Schuster had surgery on a Monday, not a Wednesday. So it might be unlikely Gustin plays against Texas.

Offensive tackle Chuma Edoga will get his injured wrist wrapped and should play. Edoga did not practice today. Neither did linebacker John Houston or nose tackle Marlon Tuipulotu (knee). Tuipulotu is expected to be out 1-4 weeks.

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  • Golden Trojan

    Wow, real news, Gustin out is a blow. Hopefully, next man up does the job. Who is that?

    • hoohoolianFUCLA

      Connor Murphy

      • Cloud Shaman

        He might surprise

      • Sas

        Jim Harbaugh is gonna **** his pants if he see’s Connor Murphy playing.

        • hoohoolianFUCLA

          Would love to see Connor take down Harbaugh…or anyone.

          • Sas

            Remember his sleepover at Murphy’s house during his in home visit? Awww that Harbaugh!

  • jim

    I’d sit Gustin out. Conner Murphy is turning into a real good player. Christian Rector also has a bright future at SC considering that he basically has most of 3 years left.

    • Trojan96

      Don’t forget that we also have Studley 5 Star Oluwole Betiku #99 that can play rush end.

      • jim

        He usually plays the other side. If he can play Porters side, that will help. I haven’t heard any talk that the coaches were giving him reps on Porters side. I’ve always said that if SC can get through the first 3 games 3-0, they could be off to the races. But this is going to be a really great Texas team. They have talent and a great coach. I hope the players realize that. I know the coaches do. I hope we don’t have a letdown.

  • David Keeling

    Too bad Porter didn’t have a game like LB Houston did. He would be totally free of any aches & pains if you watched the highlights.

    • Sas

      Houston had a real good game Dave. He a had a couple Chris Hawkins moments where he went after the wrong gap and got stuck in a block allowing Furd to run for a big gain. Other than that he’s made me believe he’s gonna end up h*’ll of a player. At least through two weeks. So far so good.

      • David Keeling

        Are you kidding me Sas? I watched him on utube and he ran around watching the game in the LB area and I think made one tackle on a ball carrier in the 4th quarter who was already going down. You watch him on defense and tell me what he did. Are we talking about the same player?

        • Sas

          Dave, he’s made tackles and also made mistakes. Let’s forget the win. Hawkins doesn’t help the LB’s at all. Houstons name has been called a lot times. Even Tell hasn’t really played that well. Houston is not the problem and I’m not saying we have a problem, but when Clancy Pendergast doesn’t trust BOTH of his starting safeties to be near the TE in the red zone makes his CB guard him it doesn’t make me feel good about the ability of those two. And I hope they prove me wrong. But when you have a 5th year SS who’s constantly running around blocks or to wrong gaps the LB’s have more on their shoulders and at least Houston has the excuse of being out a year with a bad back and is not really getting his first serious game time action since high school. Hawkins and Tell have to make an impact somehow. By being able to stop the run or being able to break up and intercept passes.

  • Gabby

    I wish Porter a speedy recovery


    • Pete Smith

      I second that Fight On

  • LamontRaymond

    Remember to bring a new pair of shoes to the Coli on Saturday for the shoe drive….. goal is 5000 this year – for homeless kids in LA.

  • Sas

    After two games i like the pressure that Gustin puts on the offense/QB. In the Stanford game he was so close to a sack on almost every pass attempt making it tough for the OT”s and Keller Chryst. I don’t know how he didn’t come away with at least two for the game. But Porter is definitely bringing it this year. I seen a picture of him as a 12 yr old kid and he looked like a kid that was created in a science experiment or the Ivan Drago Jr. His work ethic and training goes back to those days as a kid. I’m impressed.

  • Sas

    Betiku looks like a perfect DE. Big, strong, fast, and has a motor. I’d let him rush all day.

  • Rick

    There are nothing but raves concerning 6.7″ 265lb Sophomore Conner Murphy who would be starting on any other team (Which goes to show you just how good Porter is !) in the Pac-12 if not the Country !

    So lets see what Mr. Murphy can do…


  • Arturo

    Gustin is replaceable. Serviceable, and a bit overrated, but replaceable. Murphy and Betiku should rotate at the position and see who makes a greater impact. Uchenna and Green are the cornerstones of the D.