USC Picture Of The Day

Everyone remembers the 2006 Rose Bowl between USC and Texas. But here’s a photo from the 1966 USC-Texas game in Austin. No. 3-ranked USC won, 10-6. The Trojans took a 10-0 halftime lead then needed a late drive to run out the clock and preserve the victory. One interesting part for me is that All-American linebacker Tim Rossovich was also USC’s kicker and made a 23-yard FG and extra point that were the crucial points.

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  • Pasadena Trojan

    Scooter, who is the running back? Since you did not mention his name, you don’t know. I think it was Steve Grady from Loyola High, the only player and coach to be named player and coach of the year. he was a stud at Loyola. He played between two Heisman trophy winners, Garret and OJ. He was the Player of the year and then at USC he gets demoted. Talk about talent. Just think, without OJ, he might have won the Heisman.
    BTW, scooter, why do you always show a USC player getting hit or taking the worst of a hit? You never show a USC photo where they are smoking the other team or player. Hideous.

    • Gabby

      The picture thing is consistent with his anti USC agenda

      His favorite picture, is of him in the stands watching the Bush-Push…pathetic

    • Jack B

      Grady made the cover of SI after that game.

    • Clay Russell

      I almost played for Grady at Loyola and I had a couple of friends who did.

      • Pasadena Trojan

        He was an assistant when I was at Loyola. He was tough as nails and he could run like the wind. Good guy. I played for Shaugnessy, the coach before Grady. He was a power football coach because he ran the Single Wing at Loyola and then playing for McKay and power football at USC. I think you might have found it interesting to play for him.

        • Clay Russell

          Good to know you’re an old cub. Loyola is special to me because I spent a lot of time there during the summer between 8th grade and high school. I had an older buddy who went there and played for Grady and they used to let me run with the team when they were doing work on the track. Loyola was the first place I ever saw an all-weather track too. We used to workout in the weight room and then hit the pool downstairs. Seeing Grady’s name brought back some good memories from that summer, but I didn’t know Grady was a standout player or that he went to USC. He just seemed like a stern, old guy to a 13 year old, but I appreciate knowing he was a stud player in his day.

          You never know what you’ll learn from a poster here and I appreciate your original post.

          • Pasadena Trojan

            Thank you. Grady is the only man to win player of the year and coach of the year through the CIF. Think of John Riggins and multiply the speed by 3 times and you have Grady. Tough as nails and hit as hard a Seau.

          • Clay Russell

            Wow, that is impressive. I wouldn’t have guessed it by looking at him. Good info, thanks.

    • rusoviet

      Man I never heard Steve Grady ever in any discussion specific to a credible Heisman candidate. I remember him as the answer to a trivia question as you already cited “What white running back played between two Heisman trophy winners, Garret and OJ?”

      Hey how’d he do against Notre Dame that year? Yeah I’m willing to bet that day got him (Grady) a lot of interest.

      • Pasadena Trojan

        Against ND, I would have to look that up and do research, unlike the journalist on this board.

        • rusoviet

          Don’t bother for all of 1966 Grady rushed 63 times for a whopping 240 yds. and here’s the clincher – 0 td’s. sports ref dot kom

    • fast fred

      Way to go PT—I like your Jesuit memories–you are so right about Grady–great coach at the high for many years!

  • Crutcheb

    Tim Rossovich lived across the hall from me in Tower Hall his freshman year. I think he owes me about a carton of cigarettes. Of course cigarettes were only 15 cents a pack in those days.

    • marvgoux1

      Did he eat them?

      • Crutcheb

        Just “borrowed” them along with my LA Times every day.