USC Tirebiter Podcast

In this episode, Joey Kaufman and I analyze the Stanford game, discuss some USC flaws and preview Texas. We also share our memories of being at the 2006 Rose Bowl. After you listen, post in the comments if you like hearing about games from the past or only care about what is happening right now. Enjoy!

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  • steveg

    Most of us don’t listen.

    • USC jojo

      If his voice could be deepened, then maybe.

    • joeybbadd

      *None of us

  • Pudly76

    Let’s be fair to Wolf, he was told he has the face for print reporting rather than the evening news, well evidently, now he’s been told he has the literary skills of a podcaster…bless him for trying..

  • hoohoolianFUCLA

    Let’s beat Texas and beat ’em bad.
    In 4 weeks, I want Texas to say “Oklahoma State just beat us and Oklahoma beat us last week, but that ain’t USC!”

    BTW: That’s a nasty 5-game set they have starting Saturday!