Pick The Score

Time for you to pick a score for the USC-Texas game. I made my prediction in this morning’s notes column. Texas rushed for more than 400 yards last week . . . against San Jose State. Their front seven on defense is not great. And USC is on a roll after last week. But could they suffer a post-Stanford letdown? Remember the loss to Boston College came after beating Stanford.

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  • Trojans 6942

    Trojans 34 Shorthorns 24. I think this game might be closer than you would expect. Coming off Stanford, USC is banged up. Defensively missing pieces, Texas will get better every game this year. This is not the team that lost to Maryland in the first week. Fight On!

    • Pudly76

      We, my friend, are not Terapins. And btw, we got better too.

  • Brutus Beefcake

    the 2006 game proved one theory: Petey could never win the big one without Chow-Chow.

    so it’s ironic that after he got rid of Chow-Chow, he loses due to his inexperienced coaches making terrible decisions.

    this game is the gift that keeps ON giving!! of course ESPN has a running loop of Vince strolling into the end zone (like everyone in the stadium and in the nation KNEW he would).


    • USC jojo

      What did you guys win with Chow?

      • Brutus Beefcake

        poor chow chow never had a 1st string Qb the entire time he was here….bad timing.

        • steveg

          They still don’t.

          • 04Trojan

            Zing! For the knockout.

    • Jack B

      Well, if it isn’t Roid, the Hapless, Clueless bruin Beefcake.

      Are you little gutties playing this week or do you just have a deal with the media where nobody brings you up because nobody cares about ucla football? Really, who do you play?

      And Pete Carroll won a Super Bowl while Chow was being fired numerous times. And PC’s record against crappy ucla was 8-1, many of those wins coming without Chow. of course, beating ucla isn’t a big deal anymore. In fact, if SC doesn’t beat ucla, people would think it was fake news.

    • USC jojo

      #PunchMeIMustBeDreaming……. Isn’t that what you were saying when Neuheisel, Chow, and Walker were introduced as the bRuin football messiahs?? How did that work out for you Charlie?

      • Brutus Beefcake

        the jury is still out.

    • LamontRaymond

      Haven’t heard “Petey” in a LONG time…

    • Clay Russell

      I’d be happy to help you confirm that you aren’t dreaming.

    • USC Heisman 7

      47-31-7 USC
      0-10 vs Stanford

      Ruins do well against the botton rung of the Pac and get their butts handed to them by the better teams..

      I could go on.. Texas is 4-3 and well TAM is 3-3…

      While your team plays in petition bowls, we are invited to the granddaddy and bigger bowls..

      We have 11 title to your .5 in football .. We 7 heismans to your 1..

      Texas got luck on a knee.

      Regardless of your ignorance of what real or fake ..

      USC is the Pac.. Without USC the conference would nonexistent..

      USC runs LA..

  • Bruin turned SC fan

    45-24 USC in a blooooooooow-out

    • Clay Russell

      What’s this?? “Bruin turned SC fan”?? What’s your story? An up vote for your thoughts…

      • Bruin turned SC fan

        Went to UCLA undergraduate, but always a SC fan hence the name. Couldn’t stand UCLA football back then when I went there (my time at UCLA was when SC could not beat them in the 80s) and hate them even more now.

        • Clay Russell

          This sounds like something out of Star Wars. Certainly some of the bruin remains inside of you. Are you sure you will be able to resist the call of the 8-clap?

          • Bruin turned SC fan

            I have never done an 8-clap and won’t be starting anytime soon. I am SC football all the way. I go back to Jimmy Jones as QB in the late 60s!!!

          • Clay Russell

            We shall see… We shall see.

          • Bruin turned SC fan

            Your questioning my allegiance is getting old. Enjoy the game Saturday.

          • Clay Russell

            I’m sorry, I just smell the bruin on you.

        • marvgoux1

          Why then did you go there?

          • Gabby

            Sounds like a “cost” thing

  • Jack B

    USC 48 – TEXAS 24

    • marvgoux1

      55-7 Trojans!

      • Jack B

        TEXAS is a pretty good offensive team i hear. Are you sure about the 7???

  • Rock2112

    45-33 SC.

  • USC jojo

    USC 44 Texas 27

  • LamontRaymond

    USC – 49; Texas – 14

  • Pete Smith

    USC 38 the longhorns 31

    • Rick S.

      Mr. Carroll, You must be Longhorn fan ?


  • Cloud Shaman

    Its like a heavyweight fight we are bruised and battered a bit and used a lot of energy to bring it to Stanford and Texas is probably more rested and more injury free. Therefore, we are susceptible to another hard fight.

    • Clay Russell

      Playing Stanford sticks with you and it keeps on giving.

  • Rabb

    Sam is on his game right out the gate and Tee Martin is aggressive and does not try to be cute, this game will not even be close. Fight On✌✌ 45-14

  • Paul Muad’dib

    USC 45 – Fighting Matthew Mcconaugheys 0.

    Only one to do when your are in Texas and that’s get the heck out.


    USC 45 Vajinas 23

  • steveg

    USC 55 Texas 14. Take the overs. A lot of people say Texas gets better every game. I say USC does too. The stable is cut loose to run wild. Sam throws touchdowns at will.

    • Rick S.

      SteveG, You are most closely Correct !


  • Arturo

    BC had a veteran O line that gave teams like FSU fits. Second, the Trojans traveled across the country for that one which may have been on a Friday night. That said, S C was still in control midway through the 2nd Qrt or so, had built up a lead, then faded and tired from an accumulative effect of all factors involved. That might be some cause for…. nevermind

    • Also, as I recall, it was raining. Southern California teams are not used to wet stuff.

      • Gabby

        USC gave up 20 points in the second QT, and could never regain the lead. 37-31

  • Rick S.

    Maryland 51 – Texas 41 !

    Maryland 30 – Texas 14 [ Halftime ]

    @ Austin/Texas Stadium !

    And that says it all !!!

    Maryland #31 now but not a Top-50 team before the Win !

    Maryland 263 yards Rushing, Texas 98 !

    Home Game = Texas !!!!!

    Coliseum – Saturday 9/16 = Payback “POUNDING” !

    USC 57 – Texas 17

    Why the Trojans “might” not get to 50+ ?

    Clay Helton is a great guy with no inclination to pound a 1st year Texas-Tom-Herman into the ground, therefore pulls back on the reigns and plays 2nd and 3rd teams throughout the 4th Quarter !

    Anything less = Trojan “Choke” !!!

    News @ 11


    • Clay Russell

      Hey, when you play college football in Texas for anyone other than Texas, you have a chip on your shoulder for the Longhorns. Maybe coach Helton might want to hang a big number on the horns. I agree with you about his nature, but he’s closely associated with Houston and there may be several layers of payback for him. He might even want to pay them back for his dad.

    • Gabby

      I hope the backups can get some quality playing time. Experience is golden

  • GT



    Men of Troy – 38
    Stump-broke Heifers – 13

  • Why do I smell turnovers and lost opportunities for both teams in this one?

    I say SC 31 Texas 20

  • Golden Trojan

    42-24 Trojans.

  • Gabby

    USC 45- 28

    The Boston college game was on the road, 3k miles away, three different time zone. You’re comparing an apple and orange

  • Gabby

    You cheap SOB. What happened to the prize for best guess?

    • Grammymb

      The prize is a date with Owns and J Meth. I think I’d just stick with making a guess.

  • David Keeling

    USC 47 Texas 18

  • 2DubNetShredder

    USC 51, Texas 20