And Another Thing . . .

For the second straight game, USC gave up a 3-yard touchdown pass to a completely uncovered receiver in the same corner of the end zone. Last night, Texas tight end Cade Brewer went uncovered. USC defensive end Uchenna Nwosu was at the line of scrimmage and said he moved toward the end zone when he saw Brewer run his route. But it was actually someone else’s job to cover Brewer.

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  • Clay Russell

    Wolf, there are certain plays that you rarely run because you’re saving them for moments like that. We were hit with 2 of those plays and they were similar in that they were both misdirection plays.

    I’m more interested in the catch they took the lead with. The camera didn’t pick it up, but what made J Jones fall down and off his man?

    • Pete

      He fell down.

      • Clay Russell

        Not sure, but seeing how he ended up on the ground would just help figure out who he is as a player.

    • SweatPee

      Yes, it seems he just fell down as weird as that seems.

      • Clay Russell

        Yeah, I wonder if he had some kind of help. I’d just like to see exactly what happened, but you can’t see it in any of the shots.

    • Paul Muad’dib

      Our cornerbacks have mastered the art of falling down for no reason when covering one on one. It still amazes me, almost as much as the consistent dropped passes.

      • Clay Russell

        Adoree did it too. I just wonder why I don’t see our opponents falling down so much.

  • Ed Garrett

    seams like usc shuold stop playing foot ball cuz every thing dont go prefect and the other teem dont just roll over and play dead like my gold fish when i forget the feed him,

    • Michael Guarino

      It doesn’t make me one bit happy to hear that’s the way you’re treating your goldfish. Ed

  • SCgrad12

    Hey Wolf, that play was executed to perfection, and when it it is, it’s damn near impossible to stop. Is there any limit to your pettiness? I forgot, you were the guy in high school that sat up in the stands criticizing the players on the field when you didn’t have the guts to strap it up and play to begin with.

    • Burak Uslu

      We kept a potent Texas offense to 3 points in 59minutes. Both teams had so many injuries. On the above play, we so many backups and backups to backups on the field. We were gassed in a dog fight. Have I mentioned that we won the dog fight?

    • rusoviet

      No you’re wrong ….that was his equally inept peer Tom Hoffarth. I swear the %aily News can sure hire them Read Hoffarth’s ‘no harm no foul’ on that left witch Jenele Harris and ESPN in today’s paper?

    • USC Heisman 7

      WINNING.. ✌

  • Pete

    Clay Russell is right. Brewer was lined up at TE on the right. Texas QB rolled to the right along with the defense. Brewer got lost. Went to the left and was wide open. I’m guessing, but maybe Levi Jones was assigned? Anyway, plays are designed to work. The receiver know where he’s going.

  • hoohoolianFUCLA

    After dominating Texas for 56 minutes, how does our D simply run out of gas and allow Texas to convert

    -2nd and 17 at TEX 2

    -2nd and 15 at TEX 25

    -2nd and 20 at USC 35

    -2nd and 18 at USC 33

    in their final 3 drives? This is what Pendergast needs to learn about not substituting.

  • Gabby

    Another week rehashing trivial details. We get it , wolf….. Turn the page, focus on the next opponent……I got one for you, injury update

  • USC Heisman 7

    SW is getting hammered on twitter as well…lol.. Looking forward to beating the University of Calantifa Bears next week.. SW.. We all love you even though you have zero clue of how the game of football is played.

    • 88 Straight

      You know way more than SW will never know!

      • USC Heisman 7

        Like you he knows nothing..

      • Laker Rod

        Hey coward…yeah you 88Straight. Why don’t you tell us all how “great” true freshman Darnay Holmes is again. LOL!!

        Holmes got burned left and right and was benched in the 2nd half. After true frosh Phillips went out too the Bruins stopped Memphis on 3 of 4 drives.

        Have you not been humiliated enough times. You continually make a fool of yourself. Everything constantly backfires on you. LOL!!!

        Tell us again how you claimed true frosh Josh Rosen could possibly win UCLA a conference championship in 2015. LOL!!

        When are you and the rest of the dumb Bruin crew ever going to figure out that true freshmen for UCLA are not going to save the program in the first year they play or start.

      • gotroy22

        Easy Bobby Knight.

        • 88 Straight

          I don’t throw chairs!


    Poor coaching. One hopes Clancy gets offered an NFL gig (one can dream ) and Gomer actually hires a competent DC

  • SCgrad12

    Speaking of another thing. USC fans need to show up in force for next year’s game in Austin against UT, the way their fans showed up at the Coliseum. Get the game tickets when they’re available and make the plane and hotel reservations. Get it done. Fight On!

  • Jack B

    It was a magnificent TEXAS call and perfectly executed. The only power that was gonna stop that play was God and that’s assuming you’re not an atheist.

  • USC Heisman 7

    I didnt know this was a english blog .Im versed in 5 languages and write as well.. Clearly your ignorant.. 88 straight, lol when has Ucla football won 88 straight?.. Have at it internet tough guy.. Just face it, you are a chump!

    • 88 Straight

      Pig Latin doesn’t count. You came trolling and talking smack at the UCLA site. Don’t whine. I’m done with you here. Ciao! That’s Italian for adios.

      • Laker Rod

        Hey coward 88Straight…you ever going to own to be being humiliated yet again.

        You were bragging about Darnay Holmes and he gets torched and benched. What’s the matter? Not able to respond to your own stupidity.

        You’re a joke as most of you Bruin fans are. You never listen to sound logic and reason which is why the UCLA Bruins are such a pathetic football program.

        • gotroy22

          He’s just like the administration. They stick the student ticket seating in the end zone, run off the alumni yell leader, alumni band and long time season ticket holders and now there are nothing but empty seats on the sunny side of the stadium. Brilliant! Imagine how empty the Rose Bowl will be now that the ruins are officially eliminated from the national championship playoff. And Rosen is leaving so next year the ruins will be even worse and they can’t fire Mora because Guerrero gave him a contract extension.

          • Laker Rod

            I seriously don’t believe the UCLA Athletic Dept realized that part of the UCLA fan base are not alumni and they simply wanted to tailgate. With pro football back in LA…UCLA lost these season ticket holders/fans.

            Had the UCLA Athletic Dept or dummy Dan Guerrero realized this he wouldn’t have done what he did:

            1. Raise ticket prices
            2. Move the student section
            3. As far as running off the alumni yell leader Geoff Strand…I think Mora actually wanted him out. Strand was getting a bit old too.

            Since attendance is so bad…UCLA is in panic mode and they have offered the same tickets now at a reduced price. The current season ticket holders are probably upset.

            The bottom line is that there are too many dummies out there like 88Straight who don’t understand what it takes for a football program like UCLA to win in college football.

            The defensive philosophy is all wrong. Bradley and Mora are simply too NFL minded which means too conservative. They think the opposition is able to execute at a pro type level. They are afraid to attack because they are afraid of giving up the big play. They give up big plays anyhow.

            I like USC’s style for the most part. Since this team/program has done quite well over the last decade or more…I don’t have much to complain about. Recruiting limitations/sanctions have held them back. It’s too early to expect national championships. For now it should be a conference championship.

            UCLA seems beyond hope/help lately.

    • gotroy22

      Only the ruins could win 20 in a row once without winning a national championship. That must be a record.

  • David Keeling

    I know, we won. We need to move on as all the things we saw that we didn’t like in this game is now history. It can’t be replayed.

    • gotroy22

      It would be nice to learn from the mistakes so they aren’t repeated in the playoffs against Alabama.