USC Picture Of The Day

Remember last week when I wrote about staff members celebrating too much at games? Exhibit A above.

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  • Ed Garrett

    they r to busy jumping up end down end not wining foot ball games agianst the paper tigers like john rosen do,

    • Gabby

      After reading some of your posts, I’m convinced you were the only one in your family to finish HS…..feel proud

      • Grammymb

        His brother/father/uncle did. But that was only 1 guy.

        • Gabby


      • Peaceful Warrior

        This just in. He does it as a joke and it is long past funny.

    • NextUp

      Hardly funnie two begins with…now utterlee tedious. Stop all ready.

  • Hubert Wilkins

    Party pooper.

  • steveg

    I guess when the staff already hates you it doesn’t matter what you put in print.

    • Gabby

      A memo was sent to the coaching staff to avoid Scott Wolf at all times or face termination

      • USC jojo

        ……And if you notice him staring at you, do a dance.

  • Gabby

    Really Grinch, this is all you got? How about some love for Christian Rector. He forced a crucial TO that help seal the deal. One of the many unsung heroes from Saturday night I know, praising a player, besides Sam, is not part of your agenda

  • Trojan5

    This happens every week, in every league and at every level. It happens on good teams, bad team, disciplined team and undisciplined teams. Get over it and get used to it.

    • MB

      It’s in the vein of hard-hitting analysis we’ve come to love from Scott such as “Well, Sam Darnold is Sam Darnold”, “coach more”, and “well we all knew what (team x) was, no surprises there…”

      • Gabby

        He took the football IQ test and scored less than a dozen donuts. ….and we thought Vince Young was limited

    • gotroy22

      It happens on the New England Patriots with Belichick?


        John McKay is spinning in his grave looking at that

        • marvgoux1

          It’s sad when the adults act like the students and people here defend it.

          • NextUp

            No joy in marvgouxville…

  • TireBiter

    Somebody call the waaaaaaaambulance…

  • FightOn!

    Kids should not have fun… Everyone should be a grumpy old b@ld, f@t guy

  • USC jojo

    Now, post photos of D. Sweeney and U. Meyer celebrating after great plays, as exhibit B.

  • 04Trojan

    Negative Nelly.

  • Knight7

    In the immortal words of Tommy Lasorda: “If I fuc**n want to jump up and down when my players do well, then I’m fuc**n gonna do it. If I want to hug my fuc**n players when they do good, then I’m gonna do it. I sure as hell ain’t gonna listen to a fuc**n reporter named the fuc**n Nose………..”

    • Gabby


  • Pete

    Who cares. I think Christen Rector’s forced fumble was the play of the game. Any thoughts?

    • Clay Russell

      It was important, but what about the jump pass to Carr or the pass to Rojo? The kick to tie and win were big too. The game wasn’t over even if we didn’t strip it and they scored, but that was a huge play.

      • Pete

        That jump pass was something. He was about ready to get sacked.

        • Clay Russell

          I know, but that’s Sam for you.

        • SucKiffin

          Sam is always ready to be sacked … he is USC football

  • UCLA Dynasty


    • Pasadena Trojan

      Lmao, because no one uses the lawn at the rose bowl during this time of the year. They get more attendance at the flea market on the third Sunday than an ugly game. Lolololol

      • NextUp

        I see that bit of satire sailed wide right, over your head. The post was in reference to Wolf being a cranky old man. Get it yet?

  • Pasadena Trojan

    Scooter, u didn’t mention that the Texas coaches were jumping up with the players. Check out the replay. Oh, I forgot, you take care of the gerbals today

  • Sas

    James Franklin was punching his assistant coach playfully during the Rose Bowl after a big play.

    And they’re just living in the moment. Who cares!
    They’re happy for they’re players.
    Is that so bad?

    • Pete


  • Paul Muad’dib

    Exhibit A: A standard celebration that every single team does after any sort of score or turnover. Great stuff Wolf.

  • NextUp

    Golly, Wolf…why would anyone get excited by a 2 OT win like that? What’s the world coming to? Soooo inappropriate!

  • j metaphor

    Reminds me of Sark (except this coach left the ground)

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      Did any UCLA coaches celebrate like this before you blew the lead and eventually lost to Memphis?

  • ItsAllAboutTheBall

    As long as Justin Wilcox isn’t jumping like that at the end of the game Saturday, all is well

  • SucKiffin

    Gomer needs to knock that crap off … looks like the Sarkettes comedy