On Texas QB Situation

I’ve had some media and fans tell me it didn’t matter that Texas started true freshman Sam Ehlinger against USC instead of its No. 1 QB, Shane Buechele. Ehlinger did a nice job in a second half but here’s what Texas coach Tom Herman said about this week’s game.

“When we start practice (Tuesday), Shane will get the majority of the reps with the 1s.”

So apparently it mattered to Herman.

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  • 04Trojan

    We couldn’t run the damn ball. That’s what mattered in that game. Clean it up for Cal in Bizerkeley. Stomp-out Wilcox.

  • steveg

    Perhaps it matters to him now, but not then. What is your point exactly? Anyone have any idea?

  • CardinalnGold

    The defense did their job. They only allowed 10 points and produced 3 turnovers during regular time. I’m not sure what the point of this post is.

  • Torin Roher

    So why wasn’t he in the game? Injury? They are a part of the game and our D had several: Gustin, Green, Houston. Get over it, Scott. They were still very good. The reason we had so much trouble was (a) we could not run the ball, and (b) our receivers had too many drops. Issues to sure, who’s to say their #1 QB would have been any better?

    • Gabby

      It’s hard for wolf to add 1 +1 +1 when it comes to the nuts and bolts of football. The guy throws anything out there, whether it sticks or not is pathetic

  • Gabby

    More irrelevant nonsense. I truly think Wolf has some type of medical condition.

    Wolf, send one of your cronies to practice so we can get an informative update….

  • Trojans 6942

    SW very nice how you carefully worded that, the Pac 12 has beaten teams in the top 25 but just not currently. Well it’s the 3rd week of the season of course theirs going to be teams knock out because we beat them. Also the SEC is 4 and 6 against teams in the power 5 and 1 and 4 against teams in the group of five. But don’t write about that because it’s early and it doesn’t fit your narrative.

  • Peaceful Warrior

    Buechele was very average in Maryland game. Stats for both QB’s are almost identical but most people in Texas program feel the future is with Ehlinger. If this was Helton you would be questioning why didn’t Ehlinger start against Maryland.

    • Laker Rod

      “Future”. LOL!! The whole problem with Texas with Charlie Strong previously and now is they constantly play too true freshmen.

      Buechele started as a true frosh in 2016 after he replaced senior Tyrone Swoops who also played as a true freshman back in 2013. In the end…they can’t develop anybody.

      Ehlinger had the huge fumble in OT which lost the game for Texas. Sure Ehlinger made some plays….true frosh often do but they also make tons of mistakes.

  • GT

    Coaches don’t like to take away starting jobs to injury, but the slightest bit of struggle and I bet the QB will change.

  • Rick S.

    The thing is about it is that Sam reminds me of Sam, same style of play !

    Only little Sam is still a freshman and will get better over time so German Herman is making a mistake !!!

    When you think about it, USC “almost” got out Sam-ed by Sam just after the Trojans out Stanforded Stanford ? !!!

    What a ca-wink-a-dink…