Is This A Trap Game For USC?

It’s the big reunion week for Justin Wilcox and USC. So here’s the classic photo of Wilcox from when he coached at USC. But Wilcox is 3-0 and has the Bears playing defense. So this might just be a trap game. Look at some history:

This Saturday Cal will wear throwback uniforms to honor its great QB, Joe Roth. The first Joe Roth memorial game was 40 years ago against USC (1977). It was the first sell out of a USC-Cal game since 1951 and an unranked Cal team beat No.10-ranked USC, 17-14. 

Cal has defeated an AP Top-5 ranked USC team in Berkeley only twice.  The first time, in 1975, John McKay’s last trip to Memorial Stadium, the Cal QB was Joe Roth. The last time was that triple overtime game in 2003, which was also the last time the Bears beat the Trojans.

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  • Globehead

    Is that the same Justin Wilcox defense that gave up 571 yards to Weber State?

  • Rock2112

    I wonder if this could be a trap game because we might get caught looking ahead to our trap game (WSU)?!

    • Gabby

      Wolf has no idea what he’s talking about….LOL!

  • Peaceful Warrior

    USC plays 2 undefeated teams over next 9 days on the road. That is no picnic.

    • Michael Guarino

      2 undefeated teams in 9 days. On the road. But the really great part of the season comes when we face Utah, Notre Dame and Arizona State [the last two also on the road] without a bye. It’s turning out even better than the PAC 12 planned.

    • Paul Muad’dib

      If USC goes undefeated, then ESPN “experts” BCS voters will claim USC’s schedule is too soft at the end. Anything to discredit USC accomplishments.

      • grave soul

        No need to worry about that.
        It won’t happen.


  • USC Heisman 7



    In the end, We win out, It what it is.. Its time..

    • Pasadena Trojan

      Oprah is a phony.

      • Gabby

        When you’re that rich, you can act anyway you want

      • USC Heisman 7

        Not a fan of big momma, just lol using her … phrase..

    • Arturo

      Oprah Rocks.

  • Still Doing the Rav Dance

    The Cal game has let-down and Texas hangover written all over it. Let’s hope the team doesn’t succumb to it.

    • Rabb

      Let’s hope Tee Martin calls a great offensive game, get on his WRs to make plays.

  • Trojan96

    I think Wash. St. Is the trap game. Trojans didn’t perform the way they expected against Texas and I think the coaching staff is going to be on them this week. You know Wilcox is going to throw everything at us this week. I can’t wait to beat those Antifa idiots.

    • USC Heisman 7

      No traps.. USC will win out!

  • LamontRaymond

    Lulz. Every game against a non-ranked team is a “trap” game.

    • Gabby

      Only in wolf’s universe

  • Gabby

    Hey wolf, do you know the true definition of a trap games, not the urban definition. Cal is 3-0 and just beat a well respected Ole Miss team from the SEC, previously undefeated……..The Sharps around Vegas are laughing at you…….Low football IQ

  • hoohoolianFUCLA

    “Trap” game or not, our inconsistencies make us vulnerable to every team on our schedule.

    Right now, there are only 6 guys I trust to do their job on this 2017 squad, and one of them is a walk-on punter.

    • Rabb

      What about the Offensive coordinator and WRs coach?? He deserves a lot of the blame for his play calling or lack there of.

      • hoohoolianFUCLA

        Certainly, players’ performance on the field is a direct result of coaching. Tee is in his 2nd year as OC/WR coach, moving up from WRs where he gave Robert Woods, Marqis Lee, Nelson Agholor and Juju Smith, plus he developed Deontay, who was really an after-thought recruit as a mere 3-star (8584 composite from 247sports) while the previous 4 “rock star” WRs were all blue-chippers.

        We should expect some brain farts in the play calling. I AM disappointed in his play calling and the lack of development in our last 2 classes of WRs. Perhaps he is overwhelmed with the OC position and is slacking as a WR coach.

        The good news is, as this clear evidence of Tee not being a master OC/Play caller yet, we don’t need to fear his departure for any HC jobs in the near future.

    • Gabby

      “our inconsistencies make us vulnerable to every team on our schedule”


      This has been my main concern. Players need to make plays at that given moment. Dropped passes and weak pass coverage has been an issue since week one. If this team truly wants to be looked at as a title contender these areas must improve, and fast.

      On a sidenote, when was the last time we actually returned a punt for positive gain. I question Harris’ return skills

      • Paul Muad’dib

        If our DB’s stop falling down for no reason, and our WR’s stop dropping wide open passes, we are good to go.

  • Rabb

    Everyone keeps blaming the players. Tee Martin called a horrible game. He doesn’t play his best receivers nor does he target multiple TEs. This team is talented, especially Sam as the QB. The old saying goes “help me, help you.” Every team is a trap game. Everyone wants to beat Sam Darnold not just USC.

  • 04Trojan

    I hope this is the last time this picture is posted over the next week or so.

    • Golden Trojan

      It will be back next year and every year that Wilcox is Bear’s coach.

      • 04Trojan


  • Pasadena Trojan

    Scooter, no mention that USC has rolled 13 straight wins against Cal. Nice reporting, not.

  • Trojan96

    Scott have you looked at Cal’s defensive stats on NCAA’s website? They are ranked in the bottom 15 in the nation for defense. Why would you say Wilcox has his defense going? Come on now.

    • Gabby

      Prime example of low football IQ…….or perhaps it was sarcasm

      Coming from this guy who knows

    • hoohoolianFUCLA

      Now now, don’t go bringing facts into this, you’ll just confuse him…

      In Wolf’s defense, Cal did hold Shea Patterson well under his average of 459 yards (363) and he looked rattled for a lot of the game — sacking him 5 times and hurrying him 5 more. plus they gave up only 53 rushing yards in 29 attempts (1.8 average). The D shut out Patterson in the second half when Patterson was throwing from being down on the score board for the final 18 minutes. Not Bad Defense, especially for one with very little “talent” and a valid assessment by Wolf.

      Can the Antifabears play D like they did in the 3Q and 4Q of last week? I hope NOT!

      • hoohoolianFUCLA

        BTW you can watch the replay of the game (and also of Rosey choking in Memphis — over and over and over) on WatchBSPN which is about all BSPN is good for…

      • USC jojo

        Now now, don’t go bringing facts into this, you’ll just confuse him…LOL!!!! That’s classic!

    • USC jojo

      Because Wilcox doesn’t coach for the Trojans anymore.

  • Trojans 6942

    Theirs no such thing as, “a trap game”. That’s journalism and analyst propaganda. Coaches understand and believe me by the time game kicks the players understand the snapshot and particulars of that given game plan for the day. The only thing that’s a trap is poor execution and blown assignments.

  • Ed Garrett

    i get it, its a trap game cuz there playing the bears! lol, writer is funny!

    • Arturo

      there or they’re or their?

  • Wiesto

    I haven’t watch Cal play and am not sure how good any of the teams they’ve beaten are but a few stats jump out at me: they are giving up 338 passing yards/game, they are 6/7 on 4th down and in addition to losing their top WR, Miss had 16 penalties for 173 yards – yikes. Seems Cal has been pretty fortunate to go 3-0.

  • Arturo

    If some back-ups start and get significant playing time, these should not be traps game due to the fact that these players, you would think, will be motivated to play well.

  • Arturo

    I think the true trap game left on the schedule is Utah. The Trojans will be favored in every game, except maybe Notre Dame. Utah is the only opponent who plays physical football like Stanford or Texas, and that could give SC problems. The finesse teams play right into SC’s strengths, speed and athleticism.

  • Jack B

    How could USC possibly be “trapped” in this CAL game???

    People have been filling the airwaves and webwaves with a warning about this game for at least 6 months. The USC players have been warned about this game so many times, I’m sure they’re just thinking, “Enough is enough. Let’s just get ready and kill the Bears!”